Friday, November 18, 2011

are the rothschilds closet satanists? and if so how far back does this go?

Some kind of relationship may have existed between the founder of the
house of Rothschild and the Frankist Jewish heretics, followers of
false messiah Shabbatai Zevi and rejected by Orthodox Jews. Their
symbol was allegedly a red shield, and Rothschild means Red Shield.

there is also a strong resemblance between most Rothschilds and Shabbatai
Zevi himself, and their intra familial cousin marriages, have been interpreted
as to protect a bloodline as much as to keep money in the family.

Frankism was a kind of defacto satanism such as would fly in a Jewish
context. All the values of Judaism especially sexual purity were turned
upside down, and in a way reminiscent of some of the ancient gnostic
heresies, it was thought you could be redeemed by sinning. A classic
case of what I call inversionism, which is where the values of the larger
group the inversionist, whether an individual or a cult, is supposedly a
part of, are deliberately flouted or reversed, as a fast track to occult

Rabbi Felix Antelmann, author of To Eliminate The Opiate vols. 1
and 2, details this strange cult and its depradations on Judaism. Seems
it also had a sidewash into the Christian Scriptures textual criticism,
though its real target was the destruction of the Torah among Jews.
Some Frankists converted fraudulently to Catholicism. Higher Criticism
first became evident in its attacks on the Pentateuch, denying Moses
wrote any of it, and pretending to identify 4 writers or kinds of schools
of thouht at least, within it. The ideas apparently had their origin in
Frankist influence, whether any member of the team originating this
notion was a Frankist at all or not. A history major in college who
did years of research in source material, found that Rothschild's original
name was Bauer, for some reason he changed his name, and may or may
not have been the first to equate the hexagram or "star of David" with

One thing that has always troubled me about the supposedly
uber Orthodox Jewish Kabbalists is the office of Ba'al Shem tov.
The word for Lord in Hebrew is Adonai, and there is no prohibition
on pronouncing this, only on pronouncing the Tetragrammaton or
four letters, YHWH, The Name of God Himself.

So why BA'AL Shem tov? that is the CANAANITE word for lord,
and always in Scripture refers solely to the Canaanite false god,
whose worship was a constant infiltrating threat and an abomination
in YHWH's sight.

What is a good Jewish rabbi doing having that as a name or title?
Something is wrong here.....
And the occasion for this was, what? something that might
excuse this like Halloween on time or the next day as per
some European customs? No. Just good old December.
get a look at that jewelry. though some is disguised some is


  1. hi christine, check out you-tube videos on secret societys n bible prophecy by leonard ulrich. i love you your last few posts have been exceptional, as usual. your in my prayers. blessings................/..tony

  2. Ba'al means "master."
    So "ba'al teshuva" is master of repentance -- a title for a convert-in or a repentant.

  3. "Ba'al shem tov" means "master of the good name."

  4. What is the point of this topic; full of unverifiable speculation?