Sunday, November 27, 2011

Continuity of Government and Deep Underground Military Bunkers

I have been doing some thinking lately. The whole thing that
could point to expecting nibiru, on the part of elites, dates to
before that is likely to have been on their radar. Of course
some of it made sense in terms of hiding black ops that involved
nazi tech with or without backengineered alien tech (and some
of the former involved probably the latter to begin with).

And of course, the Cold War which could go nuclear at any time.
Looking at Peter Dale Scott's article this was
something they were not averse to starting back then, and there
are other things I read as well.

While nibiru IS now on their radar, it seems to me that the rush
to start WW3 is part of what they were prepping for anyway.
Cause it, survive it, come out on top of the (mostly provoked)
enemies AND on top of the American people and on top of
stuff in the Constitution to their dislike, which would probably
(like the Onion News Network parody said) include a "Bill of
Rights to be rewritten by....classified."


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