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Here's How It All Started Folks! The Christian Right Political Movement a Spawn of Moonie Hell!

A lot of people don't know this, and others have forgotten. But the whole Christian Right movement we know today, as distinct from earlier manifestations which had their own immoral or otherwise unbiblical "networking" problems, began when some fool preacher with a big following decided that we should all back up the unreverend moon in his fight with the IRS.

Seems the blasphemous and heretical sonofabitch and false messiah, who claims to be the Second Coming or Christ's replacement, or something like that, claimed that he owed no taxes, because you can't tax a church, and he being godintheflesh WAS the church so owed no personal income taxes, period.

The resulting government action was styled "religious persecution" and some people feeling oh so
holy and realpolitik and above others for the insight it takes (or rather lack of same) to partner with
such a person, said that if Moon is the target now, we will be the target next. Ignoring that the issue
was that his claim was such that we as Christian should hold him as anathema and an abomination.

Meanwhile about the same time, some hairbrained Baptist minister in I think it was Washington
state, was running a church school for children, that was not Sunday school but regular schooling,
and refused to use accredited teachers or accredited text books.

Now, there is no difficulty I am sure in finding Christians even of his denomination, who are
accredited teachers.  And if the accredited texts include stuff repugnant, that is easy to turn
into an occasion to train against such content, by presenting the content and in the secular 
education relevant class, such secular postions as are against it and time the Sunday school
to the biblical reasons against it or some such arrangement. 

But in his pride and arrogance he refused to follow the reasonable government guidelines,
rebelling against St. Paul's admonitions to obey government when it doesn't directly and
explicitly attack Christianity. so the State of Washington or maybe it was his county, 
locked the building. I think he cut the bolt, and here comes the judge.

So these two incidents, blown up to being "religious persecution" were sold to the
political movement as an end in itself seeking evangelical leaders, as something to back,
when they should have mocked it. 

I remember one person on TV (I don't remember if it was Constance Cumbey or 
someone else) commented that God has two arms, the church and the state, and in 
the Moon case God had used the state to attack something bad, and we Christians
should cheer instead of supporting this. (Now that I think about it, it might have
been that Baptist minister in Washington state that was being discussed, and that
he also had been networking with the moonies. There was moonie money in the
Bush scene also.) I thought it was a good point. It wasn't a 
full shutdown of course, but it was undermining of him and perhaps of his status 
in the eyes of some who might be deceived, but were open to being affected by 
official views outside of churches real or false. 

I also remember, that when I started to commit myself to what I saw as a useful
thing, the right wing agenda and see if I could manage a conservative version of
a feminist movement, something seemed to tell me I was prostituting myself,
like the concept of a media whore or something. I thought, and then shrugged it
off. But that voice like thought, probably from an angel who at one point then
or later had a hand in my losing a carborundum pendant I was using as a 
pendulum device when I was still messing with some of the occult thinking some
of it was salvageable from the realm of darkness, was correct, and as time wore
on, though I didn't go into full darkness, I did find in retrospect that political
focus eclipsed religious focus, while pretending to be a manifestation of it. I
didn't buy the Moon and whatsisname support as a good thing, but the overall
movement of Christian conservative political action and gung ho as an end in 
itself, looking for an outlet, was the big thing. As Screwtape said, it doesn't 
matter what is on the other side of "and" in "Christianity and...." so long as it
grows to replace the Christianity part. My doubts were always overshadowed
by the communist menace, but the fall of the Iron Curtain freed me to whole
hog reject the problematic right.

Of course, the anti gay and anti abortion positions are important, but let's
face it, the president doesn't rule by decree so it doesn't matter a rat's ass
what his position is on anything like that, what is more important is the
corrupt and fascistic and immoral and secretly perverted and even satanic
networks that the Republican Party has come to more and more consist of
and even then there were signs of it. Some of which are invisible to anyone
who thinks gung ho fleshliness is okay as long as it has a Christian label
and doesn't examine the underlying drives.

I was in theory against welfare and for the free market and minimal govt.,
but in practice until something better could be set up, that WORKED, 
I never denounced anyone for being on it, and helped some who were
and who couldn't make it on the amount they had, especially one with kids
and a drug user "old man." Free or minimal fee services are essential.

Knocking around in my mind however were a few points I'd picked up,
incl. a radio speaker who pointed out that nowhere in The Bible does
God mandate any one form of government, all He cares about is what 
will get His will done in that situation at that time, and that we should
pay our taxes.

Finally a good read of the Constitution again, and a lot of other things,
made me realize the whole conservative movement especially the militia
and related forms of interpretation and the economic theories that drove
it, were a pack of lies.

begins here the article that rang a bell. 



Written By
S. R. Shearer

The Unification Church of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon embodies within its doctrine a particularly vile heresy: that not only did Jesus fail in His earthly ministry, but that He had sex with the women who followed Him. The attack here is not one that is aimed only at His work on the Cross, but at Him personally as a moral Being.
That any Christian in good conscience could have even the most indirect contact with such people defies all logic and rationale; and more, that Christians should involve themselves in a political alliance with them to "take back the nation for Christ" is "oxymoronic." There is simply no sense to it.
Yet this is precisely what is happening! - and perhaps more than anything else, it reveals the deadly spiritual and theological pathology involved in the lives of those who are embracing "Christian political action." In 1986 reporters questioned Christian Voice's Colonel Doner about his involvement with the Unification Church. He responded, "CAUSA (Moon's political arm) is an anticommunist organization. It's a funding source. CAUSA is anticommunist and personally I'm for anybody that's anticommunist. The Mormons are the same. I'm not going to lend credence to their organization, but networking, I'm happy to network with them." Does that mean that its OK for Christians to ally themselves with the Nazis, the KKK, the Death Squads, etc.? - they're all anticommunists. The answer is apparently, "Yes!"
Ron Godwin, the former second in command to Jerry Falwell in the Moral Majority now is the business manager for Moon's weekly magazine, Insight. The head of the National Religious Broadcasters, Ben Armstrong, along with TBN's Paul Crouch and Bible teacher Hal Lindsey are on the board of Moon's dominated Coalition for Religious Freedom. James Robison, Rex Humbard, and James Kennedy are also members, as is Tim LaHaye. This is to say nothing of Robert Grant, Gary Jarmin and Colonel Doner.
LaHaye's involvement with the Rev. Moon is particularly vile. In 1985 Carolyn Weaver, writing in Mother Jones Magazine, exposed the fact that LaHaye had received substantial funds from Moon's Bo Hi Pak.
She based her report on a cassette tape inadvertently provided to her by an aide to Beverly LaHaye; it was a dictation of a letter from LaHaye to his secretary to be typed and sent to Bo Hi Pak thanking him for a substantial contribution of funds (estimated by some to have been over $500,000.00). A friend of ours - well known in Christian circles - upon reading the article, phoned LaHaye to ascertain the facts. But rather than dealing with the issue - whether or not he took the money - he attacked the source, Mother Jones Magazine, as a "left-wing ragsheet."
Our friend answered, "I don't care if the source was Pravda or Izvestia (two well known Communist papers), is it true?" He angrily hung up the phone. He has since apparently denied the story, most likely compounding his error with a lie. And the fact that he continues to involve himself with Moonie front organizations tends to give credence to Carolyn Weaver - after all, there seems to be very little doubt that the voice on the tape is LaHaye's.
Written By S. R. Shearer
Antipas Ministries

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