Friday, November 18, 2011

9-11 Pentagon, Friendly Fire?

a point is made on an otherwise dubious film, that whatever
hit the pentagon penetrated 6 of 10 concrete walls, had to
be a titanium steel nosed thing, not the fragile nose and
body of a plane.

The order was out to shoot down planes, flight 93 is
accounted for, the pentagon plane is not. one video does
show some wreckage on part of the lawn in front of the
pentagon. but not enough.

so, let's suppose the pentagon headed plane was shot
down, but one of the missiles used missed and hit the
pentagon. this would have been a double embarassment,
a US military plane shoots down a civilian plane, which
even though it was being used as a weapon had all
those civilians on it, can you imagine the uproar, and then
we stop a plane from harming the pentagon, but oops, we
blow it up ourselves.

This is by no means an impossibility, the precision
targetting is very overrated, and winds can affect a flying

So where's the plane? probably went down behind some
trees and hills, and was quietly cleaned up and the bodies
burned and dumped in the sea or a common grave.

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