Wednesday, March 9, 2016

occultism, globalism and charismatic "Christianity" as manifestation of the New AGe.
many articles by Carl Teichbrib most of which you'd have to pay for elsewhere. bohemian grove attendee list  lots of research connecting some attendees to policy and economic issues.  parallels between the charismatic and new age movements  Frank Sandford back of Parham and Swedenborg back of his pedigree = contaminated flow
as usual the rest of the articles at the various sites I don't automatically endorse in some cases disagree with or haven't read.

charismatics, in my opinion, should be classified with the new age.

Charismaticism roots are in heretics and links to Swedenborg one of the two root sources James Webb's books show back of the most dangerous developments in illuminated politics,I think the other is Martinism but I'm not sure.
My own experience with one charismatic (and experiences of others with such) tells me the whole thing is demonic except where God barges in and does something now and then usually resulting in someone coming out of it.

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