Wednesday, March 2, 2016

google chrome intefering with conservative and anti new age sites?

This is cut from Constance Cumbey's comments section, a spectacular series of attempted posts
by Dorothy Margraf another new age researcher kept disappearing. finally at present both are
visible but may disappear.

very odd.

Part 1
I'm Dorothy Margraf. A few of you may remember who I am. I posted here in the past, but stopped quite a while back, though I continue to follow what is posted here because occasionally something appears that is important to my focus on New Age. The New Age movement is huge and if others find it more profitable to focus on another aspect than I do, I can only hope their efforts bear fruit. I've continued my 34 years of research on the New Age movement and previous years of research on related topics which I share on Facebook.

The purpose of this note is not to bring you up to date on what I'm doing. Since we've gone in different directions, there is no reason for anyone to care what I've been doing.

Habits are hard to break and I checked on this site daily using Chrome and Several weeks ago I started getting the "Page Not Found" message every time I went to that link. I wondered whether I had been blocked or whether the blog had gone down. There was no way to find out. A thought came and I put "Constance Cumbey" in a search to learn if the blog had gone down. I learned the blog could be accessed using the link, and that is what appears on the page where was in the past when I get to the main page. 

  I will now attempt to post part #2 of attempt #9 to get the information out.

I know someone who posts here and asked how she accessed the site. She told me, the link which no longer worked for me. There had to be a way she could use the link I always used, so I decided to try Firefox and Internet Explorer. Interestingly both link addresses work on Firefox and Internet Explorer, though not through Chrome.

In the past I didn't follow up on "Page Not Found" messages, assuming the pages had been taken down. Two more experiences with other "Page Not Found" messages which would have reached conservative sites started me questioning what was happening, so I posted the warning on many different pages on Facebook only to learn that this has happened to others. Two people suggested I had been infected with malware and to start from scratch with Chrome. However, the specific nature of the problem suggested more was going on.

I'm posting the information here to let you know that people trying to reach this site may not be getting through. If this has been helpful, I've been happy to help.

Dorothy Margraf
The time is now 11:36 pm

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