Friday, March 18, 2016


not long ago, I documented such a problem of disappearing posts at by
another New Age researcher whose focus is new age as closet Nazism. Now I've been hit. this
MIGHT have gone into a spam file, can't imagine why. but here it is.

how the illuminati took over the vatican this book was hard to find being pulled from publication soon after it was published. Rivera mentioned briefly in foreword not by Compton. THIRD ATTEMPT TO POST, SECOND ONE LASTED LONGER.

The United Nations 2030 Agenda decoded: It's a blueprint for the global enslavement of humanity under the boot of corporate masters (big capitalism uses socialism to get power and more wealth.)

Second post in about 24 hours I did not post for 7 days before the last one. Count the am to pm cycle. without anyone yelling, posting slowed someone noted. one post and total hysteria breaks loose. 12 posts to my one. My warnings on occult or fringe sites against accepting spirit influence are treated as evidence against me when any sane (or not pushing an occult agenda themselves) person would see it as evidence supporting me. At the very least they are the sort who denounce spiritual warfare and consider it unhealthy to even think about such things. Such people are tools of satan.

Constance, how can you tolerate those people? its not about me, when I'm not posting they hound the RC. they drag them into interminable arguments. even when presented with Scripture they don't
shut up. they seem to want to ruin your blog. And they have never kept themselves to one Christine bashing post a day, if someone posted already that doesn't stop three or four more appearing.
Constance, please ban anonymous posting. Rarely do they post anything worthwhile. If I was banned they would keep dragging your blog down into their rants and mutual back scratching about jesuits and RC and harlot church. (I could make a good case that IF the harlot is a church then she is the Reformation and the splintering protestant churches are her harlot daughters, she is called the mother of harlots, remember? I only suspect this I don't buy it.) The only time they attack real new age or globalism is when it intersects with RC, or might be an immediate problem personally.

one of them said he/she had thrown your books in a dumpster years ago, and favors Tupper Saussey (saucy tupperware?) whose focus is Jesuit only and totally misses the whole theosophical and bailey and ferguson etc. material you found which is ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE.

So what is such a person doing here?

one can construct a fake ID and post anyway and that be banned if one acts up.

Many times I wanted to delete and rewrite to add to posts but after being accused of posting and deleting something "vile" I didn't dare. I tried again recently and was falsely accused of posting a psychic services ad.

And tellingly, their greatest anger is directed at my turning a few new age favored stuff AGAINST THE NEW AGE. Why? they didn't challenge the pagan postings. Why? proof:

And I DO have a life, I read and type fast, and I get a lot done some days while I
am between computer activity.

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