Saturday, March 12, 2016

chakra dangers

glancing around the internet and youtube, a lot of new agers are beginning
to realize there are problems with raising kundalini and leaving chakras
open after opening them in meditation. someone figured out you shouldn't
leave them open and apparently most don't tell you this. Hah! most
intend they stay open and the derangement resulting is supposed to get

clearly they exist and should not be meddled with. being open and
accepting and all that means anything can walk through or into you and
you are also more malleable by normal psychological means. not a good

kundalini is either a demon, a demon taking advantage of the abnormal
redirection of body energy flow, or the result of putting your normal
energy cycle into reverse.

the problem is, all this "wisdom" from the east comes from people who
do not consider the physical creation is good. this is the root driver of all
Gnosticism, rejection of the physical. The result can be extreme asceticism,
or it can be immorality and perversion if they figure what the body does is
of no relevance to the soul. Always the body soul extreme separateness
sometimes blamed on Christianity, is a feature of Gnosticism. and gnostic
baggage got into Christianity subtly with philosophers.

people like this cannot have a healthy concept of how the energy system
should work. While early phases of some working on it can correct some
illnesses maybe, the overall goal is a labor intensive form of suicide: to
go into parasamadhi and never come out.

beware the new age and far eastern wisdom! it is foolishness!

A long time ago I figured out that what is considered illumination in the far
east, is recognized as onset schizophrenia in western psychology. However,
thanks to abnormal mentality being glossed over and acceptable as a
metaphysical or philosophical or religious thing, this is being compromised.
notions that would once have gotten you classified as mentally ill, and
absent a religious context still could, are bandied about as acceptable thanks
to new age infiltration of medicine and politics and sociology and whatever.


  1. Satan's plan is to alter human DNA whether by alternative, or by western, so called, medicine. It can be chemical, or energetic.

  2. I'm not sure how altering DNA is going to be of any use to him, we'd still be some sort of human. interesting about chemical OR ENERGETIC, reminds me of epigenetics, where a change occurs because of experiences, stresses, etc. causes a controller gene to be turned on or off, and this state of turned on or off passes to the next generation. The gene remains, its expression has changed.