Friday, April 10, 2015

the BLM and Cliven Bundy - more than meets the eye?

Right now, I'm reading the latest stuff that the Southern Poverty
Law Center emails me because I subscribe to their newsletter or
whatever it is. SPLC is an interesting thing. Run by a man who
is said to be homosexual and accusations of child abuse by his
ex wife, it started out going after white supremacists. These
people usually pose as mere separatists, or wanting to be proud
of their ethnicity like blacks are proud of theirs. In fact, for the
few who really feel like this, most seem to be old fashioned
racists, often with anti-Semitism thrown in.

I know that arabs are semites also, but the term "anti semitic"
has always meant anti Jew so don't give me any flack about it.
This attempt to redefine a term is comparable only to the
dishonesty of redefining the American Civil War as not a Civil
War because it doesn't fit the criteria these people (neo
Confederates and suchlike) say is a civil war. Trouble for them
is, the definition you will find anywhere of civil war is a
description what happened, and the criteria they use is closer to
a coup, which with rioters in support you could call a putsch.

I am very sad to see that Paul Craig Roberts accepts this line
of crap also. And he is not uneducated in political terminology
or history so he knows better. Roberts is one of the founders of
Reaganomics, and realized later it was a failure. I really like
most of his evaluations on his page. I guess he is one of those
closet unreconstructed Confederates. I don't feel like checking
his biography, but even if he and his parents were born and
bred in the north, that doesn't mean a family tradition of
southern confederacyism doesn't exist.

SPLC is very good up to a point but then they included, after
making their fame by bankrupting the White Aryan Resistance
in a wrongful death lawsuit, the pro abortion, pro perversion,
and wildly uncontrolled immigration crews in those they protect.

In their articles on the Bundy Ranch incident, they said this,
which got my attention, but not for the reason they noticed it.

"What is puzzling is why the BLM allowed Bundy to get away
for 20 years without paying grazing fees that all other ranchers
pay. And what is equally surprising is the almost amateurish
way the BLM finally moved against Bundy. What both point
to is a failure of the federal government to come to terms with
 the true nature of the war in the West."

Frankly, I don't think this is the problem. I think it is something
I call monkey wrenching. That's where you do something that
creates a small problem that will eventually escalate to extremely
serious, and by the time it does so you are out of range of being
blamed for it. And it only takes one or two people in the right
place at the right time to do it. Another form, is to persuade
some people to adopt a policy, that will have an effect you
want, but they don't want, so you persuade them to adopt this
policy for some other reason they will buy.

Webster Griffin Tarpley drew attention to the fact that Bundy
is a Mormon with Mormons in Mexico connections or family
background. And with his racist remarks, he probably represents
the old line kind.

Here's what I think. Someone wants a grassroots radical right
or anarchist right revolution, draw them out so they can be shot
down. That's why Bundy was allowed to slide on payments
until they were big enough it could be handled in a way that
would result in a major reaction.

Another possibility is that Bundy had fundamentalist Mormons
in the BLM helping him out.

But assuming that isn't the case, or it is, and someone else
noticed this going on and let it go on so it could escalate when
it got officially noticed after whoever was in the way retired,
then we got a situation where rebels are being encouraged to
act up, so that a revolution can break loose before it can win.

A long time ago I got wind of a group of well placed devil
worshippers, who presented themselves publicly as anything
from Christian to wicca but recruited as being a higher form
of wicca or traditional druid or something. Probably infest
the Identity Christian crowd. Something they are networked
to in Texas is apparently using the Hebrew Roots Movement,
to lure people step by step, individuals of course not entire
churches, away from Jesus Christ onto occultism, through the
focus on the Jewish Mosaic festivals and food laws and this
would be then the conveyorbelt to get them into kabbalism
as deeper secrets and that would be the conveyorbelt to
ritual magic and all kinds of occultism. At the core of this
network organized like onion layers, is a smaller group
which engages in human sacrifice when they can get away
with. Redhead white females were ideal targets in the 1990s.

The procedure involved kidnap of those they figured
wouldn't be missed or get handed to them by family who
didn't like them, wait two or more weeks (during which
time they were raped while drugged, this feature not being
known to all who knew of the human sacrifice) to see if
anyone reported them missing, and then kill by disembowelment
on an altar that was a peculiar flat slab, heavy, needed four
men to move it, and sun and moon symbols exactly which
form I never found out, around the edge. I think it had
fluid receiving grooves to drain the blood.

In those days, you had to be missing for at least three days
before a missing persons report could be put on you, but
after Kristen Modafferi disappeared, there was enough
uproar that the law was changed and the report can go out
immediately. This created problems for them thank Jesus

One woman was mixing both wicca and Jesus, and woke
up on the altar, and apparently prayed to Jesus for help,
because "the ritual went wrong, everyone turned on each
other and she got away." got away was the phrasing for
escape due to flaw in the captors, escape would be escape
on the intended victim's own ability.  This was in Belmont
California in San Mateo County, whose sheriff of the
time was the high priest, after a county supervisor was
high priest and after him a member of the Palo Alto City

known that the raid was expected. THIS GUARANTEED
A BLOODBATH, which would be a cause celebre for
the militia crew.

These devil worshippers were looking for a domino to
push over that would take down the USA "into the kind
of chaos they could use." They want a situation where,
like David Myatt of the order of nine angles (who then
became a moslem, presumably pro jihad) in England,
the largest political unit was something like a city state.
(or a county?) This of course means that whoever runs
such can be a big fish in a small pond. And plenty of
small ponds to rule in.

You see how the county supremacy movement and the
extreme rejection of centralization and federal involvement
plays to their hands?

Christianity gets hijacked in terms of "liberty" and our
Christian roots and limited govt. to get a movement or
patch into an existing one, that will serve such demonic
interests. At the very least, such a political devotion, whether
of anarchist small city state or county sized nation sort, or
of a big govt. sort, will compromise your walk in Christ.
you may start out thinking you are bringing the country to
Christ or to "Christian principles of government and
economics" but you slowly shift from Christianity and....
where Christianity is dominant, to Christianity and.... where
whatever is after the "and...." is dominant.

Been there, done that, repented of it.

While some may want a revolution to start when it can be
defeated, and therefore buy into the plan to let it show its
face now and then and think it is getting stronger, there are
others who want this event to create such chaos they can
overthrown the central govt. and have their small ponds to
be big fish in. Boss Hogg as the typical American statesman
is their ideal.

While they incl. nonwhites in the overall movement, the
uniting thing is the desire for racial separatism, and for a
return to whatever false gods an ethnicity's ancestors once
worshipped. Anything but Christianity.

And the core is white supremacist.

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