Saturday, April 25, 2015

could pre trib rapture doctrine set believers up for a fake rapture?

Matthew 24 read entire chapter.
Jesus warns that some would come pretending to be Him. and later
He warns that if someone says He is in some hidden place or in
the desert "do not go forth."

The Second Coming will be obvious like the sun rising in the east
sending its light to the west, also unlike any blue beam or flying
saucer type setup.

Most of this would probably refer just to cults and NEw Agers
claiming to be more manifesting of the "Christ spirit" than others.

But maybe since He says not to go to meet such a secret coming
false Christ, there is a possibility of getting grabbed by a blood
thirsty cult or even an alien harvest or something like that? or a
blue beam fraud that let's you get slaughtered or worse. Maybe an
alien harvest?

If you are expecting a secret coming, and you are told to come
to a place you would be more likely to fall for the trap than if you
believed in post tribulation rapture.

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