Friday, April 10, 2015

Missler and Clement

I don't follow "prophets" and other losers and fools so I didn't
know this Kim Clement creep had been prophesying that
new Bible books will be discovered, according to the comments
section, or that Missler was getting involved with him.

Chuck Missler may prate against the NWO but his proudly
displayed resume is NWO and powers that be and intelligence
connected. Missler is one of those of what
calls the PPP or Postmodern Prophecy Paradigm group (or is
Postmodern Paradigm Prophecy? I forget), an excellent term.
L. A. Marzulli is part of the charismatic and/or New Apostolic
Reformation crew also. (As someone once said, its not new
and its not apostolic.)

I speculated some time ago, that Missler's talk about demonic
hybrid nephilim past and present, could lead to a claim of
identifying DNA markers to tell who was an alien hybrid.
Step one would be the initial propaganda, getting Christians
who are activist inclined to accept that these a. in fact are real
and exist now, b. are not human, have no soul, blah blah,
which of course means, c., that they can be righteously killed,
indeed SHOULD be killed.
Step two would be the claim of finding alien DNA markers.
Step three would be a roundup and extermination of such.

And here it gets dicey. Because you only have some
technocrat's word for it that the alien markers have been found
and that they are in fact in the DNA of the persons targeted
for extermination.

those are two separate issues.

Anyone who is inconvenient, even a whole ethnic group can
be labeled as alien hybrid, viewed with horror and rounded up.
A large number of Christians would be supporting or looking
the other way rather than opposing it. (very likely the real alien
hybrids would be running the program, going after rivals in
power battles of their own, and eliminating people who might
be effective against them and their full blood masters.)

The involvement of an influential mega church prophet etc.
type with this crap is cause for alarm.

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