Thursday, February 5, 2015

your chakras, target of New Age deception

18 New Age Lies is an important read, and lie no. 18 is that you need to open your chakras so
"Spirit" can enter. This is NOT the Holy Spirit, Who is YHWH the Third Person of YHWH The Holy
Trinity, this is some creature who is a deceiver and evil. The Holy Spirit needs no chakra work to be
in you, only acceptance of Jesus Christ of The Bible as your Lord (and therefore your savior).
"No one should open any of his or her chakras at any time for any reason, All such openings allow
psychic entities to enter. This is why the puppet-masters behind the New Age Movement are so keen
to get people to open one of their chakras. This danger applies as much to the Third Eye and Crown
chakras as it does to any of the lower chakras. The Holy Spirit does not need a chakra to enter the
body. The grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ does not need a chakra to sanctify and protect us.

"So who does need an open chakra? The answer should be obvious - Lucifer."

Before anyone argues that this name means light bearer, or that satan and lucifer are not the same
beings, remember that lucifer was once an unfallen angel, but having fallen in love with his own 
beauty and ascribed it to himself and not to YHWH God, the angel fell through pride, deciding 
to exalt his throne above that of God, but was cast down instead. The argument that this refers 
only to the king of Tyre, to who the prophecy was made, fails, because initially the statements
make sense as directed to a human king, but then change to things that can only refer to an immortal
spirit being. Apparently the king of Tyre was what Malachi Martin called "perfectly possessed."

Ha-satan means the adversary, the adversary of God and also of mankind, who he hates as God's
images on earth, and because God loves us. It is the same being as lucifer, and lucifer bears a
false mind scattering, deluding light. True light lets you see things better, false light clouds and
blurs and deceives. Some demons (many angels fell with the devil) are more out in the open, others
more seductive and deceiving and if one has overcome vices and mastered virtues they then take
you down by the sin of PRIDE.

Robert Pye the author continues, "the same cunning trick is also used by the New Age movement,
to damage one's aura, to create a tear or a fault line that the dark force [or false light force] can use
to gain access. This is often done under the guise of co-called spiritual healing, such as that 
practiced by Reiki."

What I particularly like about this article, is that it does not deny the existence of the energy body,
but warns that the New Age teachings on what is healthy or not for it are WRONG.

All the New Age at core is Hindu. This in turn is based on the assumption that the physical
universe is evil at worst, a delusion at best, and to be escaped as soon as possible. Fast track
Laya Yoga, which would permanently reverse the kundalini flow back up to the head, reversing
the process of creation and throwing you into parasamadhi, a trance you never come out of, is
just a labor intensive form of suicide. 

The Bible mentions the energy body, in Ecclesiastes, where it discusses the breakdown process
at death. "the wheel is broken" is interesting in this regartd, because "chakra" is Sanskrit for
"wheel." someone who could see stuff saw something that most resembled a wheel, whether
because of roundness with or without spokes is not clear, whether because of shape only 
or rotation is also not clear.

But it exists. And any system that looks to undo creation, is not going to have the right bias
to tell you how your energy body should be functioning.

A classic example is the constant statement, that a golden aura is a sign of great spiritual 
enlightenment, but that is the false light. lucifer is latin for Hebrew helal, the golden glitter
of a king's robe. Bingo! I thought when I read that - from a masonic apologist online at that -
this is the thing I was running into, always when checkable on people who were involved with
demons, and one of them I found out later was a rapist, with a nasty arrogant attitude.

Another was not nearly so bad, but he had gotten involved in some kind of traditional folk
witchcraft involving pacts, and used to witness for the devil in the interest of giving him equal
time or at least do so to me, because I was witnessing for Jesus. this fellow and I generally got
along well other than that, though I heard a man describe him as "he will turn on you in a second."

Roman Catholic iconography didn't help much. Orthodox is so obviously artificial and with
specific meaning, that it wouldn't be nearly the trap RC was, because RC realistic looking 
people with such "auras" look like you might expect to see this on a holy human. But everyone
I saw it on was unholy as hell. New Agers draw on these auras in art to excuse or support their
positions when luring Christians and westerners. 

An Orthodox elder or monk once wrote that people with experience in this stuff, reported 
that the devil often shows as or with light that is yellow or gold sometimes tinged with red.
What I noticed was the same thing, though in a cocaine soaked environment it was more like
a white cloud but always a mind scattering and blurring, blinding influence. 

True light lets you see clearly. (There is a kind of clarity that is demonic but that is another

The usual Christian anti New Age take is to deny the existence of the energy or etheric body
altogether, and this is a mistake. The real problem is what the New Age disciplines do to it.

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