Wednesday, February 18, 2015

an old of mine from Constance Cumbey's blog, which pretty much sums it up.

I think your real problem is you don't like anti Republican

FACT: they are not what they pretend to be. They are materialist new Age to the core Reagan and wife were semi occultists, promoted make believe haze and enchantment in his style and speaking.

FACT: The Bible is as against the 1% as against some of Occupy stuff.

FACT: There is no rapture except to greet The Lord at His return AFTER the tribulation. Rapture doctrine UNHEARD OF BEFORE 1800s and helped by proto New Age organizations

FACT: I have had some extremely odd experiences, and learned that certain things like the sign of the Cross made with faith and precision and intent and Holy Water work against them. Some of the wierdest involved physical effects which prove (a) energy feed vampirism is real when I was the target, and (b) New Age info on the "energy body" is DEAD WRONG (energy system is part of the soul, which term in Hebrew covers both immortal and interface between body and soul and body and spirit as continuum as well as a distinct element in that continuum, and validated by Ecclesiastes 12, but again the New Age info is as wrong on that as it is on "consciousness")

FACT: once you begin looking at the sort of things Cumbey uncovers, if you keep looking you will find stuff invalidating BOTH parties and a lot of American as well as unAmerican values as well.

FACT: all govt. intervention is not harmful, without govt. involvement intrepreneurs would not have gotten anywhere as much done.

FACT: America has been fascination with the occult back to early times. Earlier The Enlightenment was a major attack on Christinaity, ditto masonry occult conspiracy against Christianity before Besant

FACT: Pentecostal/Charismatic movement is infected from the start especially because of unbiblical emphasis on "tongues" mishandling Scripture, and "waiting for The Spirit," a mediumistic sort of misapplication of Scripture about a one time only event in the past. God may have used some of these people to get your attention on Jesus, but you need to get away from all this.

GOOGLE KUNDALINI AND CHARISMATIC TOGETHER, Then ask yourself why these people are so whole hog hypnotized by the Republithugs. The Dummycrooks are no better.
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Blogger Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...
FACT: both parties are financed by pretty much the same people. public stance on morals/religion mean nothing as long as the people who own them get their way.

FACT: the first or maybe second political party we had, was the anti masonic party. We need another one only a bit more fine tuned, and aiming at the more complex New Age of both materialist and spiritual forms. All the "third parties" now are jokes or bad in their own right.

when all branches of govt are staffed by people with loyalties that transcend their offices, and they all collaborate, you NO LONGER HAVE CHECKS AND BALANCES.

FACT: The Bible read cover to cover in a short period of time so you don't get a piecemeal effect, 4 months maximum, will show you no one form of government or economic theory that God unreservedly endorses, other than the monarchic rule of His Son when He comes back.

FACT: as shown by Cumbey and Herescope, there is an appalling similarity between the eschatology of the New Age and the eschatology and ecclesiology of the charismatic new apostles, etc. etc. teachers, which should tell you something right there.

St. Paul speaks of being puffed up and made emptier, and entering into visions which you have not seen.

FACT: There is a VERY uncomfortable similarity between the USA and Babylon the Great.

FACT: St. Peter in one of his epistles says we should live in sobriety as well as godliness in expectation of Christ. "sober and godly" doesn't incl. running around in a blissed out state, that you think is the Holy Spirit, but leaves you open to all sorts of influences and ideas without discernment, inhibits you from testing spirits or ideas, and hardly differs from drugs or New Age consciousness warping exercizes effects, and ends up with talking with spirits that are never tested, accepting blindly whatever nonsense is presented in dreams visions or statements from departed relatives about having the resurrection body in heaven, which is a lie because that is a PHYSICAL body we get later when brought to life again by Jesus Christ at His Second Coming, or transformed into that condition if still alive when He comes back, praying by concentrating on the person prayed for instead of on God, not to mention other false prophecies and then making excuses.

It doesn't matter a ministry denounces occultism of obvious sort, if they promote styles of prayer and worship that cause trances states and wild behavior

Sure some of these people may be able to cast out demons, but that is about the power of Jesus Name, not their own holiness, note Jesus' warnings about some such at the Last Judgement in Matthew 25 I think it is "did we not cast our demons and do miracles in Your Name?" they ask and He answers "depart from Me, I have not known you workers of iniquity."

And maybe the reason they have to do so much exorcism, is because they and their followers and the people who come to them from similar contexts are doing something that attracts demons in the first place.

FACT: some of the manifestations such as at IHOP and others, involve symptoms and sequences that parallel the awakening of the so called kundalini energy in tantric hinduism and New Age borrows from it. That cannot be a good sign.
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