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proof of my statement about laya yoga and parasamadhi

Before you read the linked articles, you need some background

samadhi as most may know by now, who know anything about
hinduism, buddhism, and the New Age movement, is an extreme
trance, wherein one has supposedly joined with the impersonal
absolute source of all, aka brahman in hinduism, or entered the
edge of nirvana in buddhism.

parasamadhi is a less well known term, referring to the meditator
who goes into samadhi and never comes out.

the various systems of yoga and related activities deal sooner
or later with energy centers or "wheels" (chakras in sanskrit,
"galgal" wheel, whirl, whirlwind in Ecclesiastes 12:6) and
with manipulating and redirecting the flow between them.

There is some parallel between these and the sacral ganglia
on the spine. Various systems from India, Tibet and China
do not give the same count or location and while we hear of
seven the ones a system lists can be fewer or sometimes
more, and probably this is because the system focusses on
these, and treats them as the only relevant ones.

The term "minor chakras" has been applied to these "extra"
ones, and to acupuncture points.

Now, point number one, these things should not be meddled
with. Their exact function and purpose are unknown, except 
from research done by people, whose bias is anti material, 
gnostic, i.e., rejects the goodness of the physical creation 
which God declared "very good."

Therefore, the proposed interventions in them cannot be 
good for you. 

While some in the west speak of them in terms of when you
have a bad health situation of one sort, this chakra is acting
like this, and a good health situation then that chakra is acting
like that, the bias in the whole system is not in favor of your
health, except perhaps to keep you going long enough to get
"illuminated" or whatever they call it, instead of quitting the

Laya yoga is a fast track approach. This posits that the energy
flow in creation is top down, and that you need to get the
dormant pool of energy at the base of the spine activated and
rising. As it rises through each chakra it activates or alters it,
and as it leaves to go farther up what it leaves behind feels
numb. Ultimately it is to get into the crown chakra, in the top
of the head. (Some New Age systems position this outside
the body in the aura just above the head. The possibility of
this being a deceiving spirit and no part of you originally,
should be obvious.

Various weird manifestations, uncontrolled motions, even
strange vocalizations may occur. (shades of the behavior
observed in some charismatics, many observers have noticed
a correlation between kundalini's rise and the so-called "Holy
Spirit's" effects in the charismatics.)

Laya yoga proposes to accomplish this goal a lot faster and
lot more violently than the usual approach.

Since both systems involve essentially an undoing of the 
flow of creation it follows that laya yoga is a labor intensive
for of suicide. 

one goes into samadhi and never comes out.

What happens to the body when this happens? Apparently this

no he isn't.

yet another one

Some experts on Buddhism said the monk could be in 
“tukdam”, a kind of deep meditative state that crosses 
over between life and death. Dr Barry Kerzin, a monk 
and a physician to the Dalai Lama, told the website: 
“If the person is able to remain in this state for more 
than three weeks - which rarely happens - his body 
gradually shrinks, and in the end all that remains from 
the person is his hair, nails, and clothes.”

Obviously such a person is dead.

"In a similar case, the body of Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov, a lama in 
Russia’s Buryatia region, showed few signs of decay when it 
was exhumed in 2002. Monks say Itigilov is “not completely 
dead” and the temperature of his body rises during ceremonies 
at the monastery where it is kept near Ulan Ude. Itigilov died in 
1927 while meditating, having asked fellow monks to bury him 
in the lotus position after he passed away. His body was packed
in salt."

Of course his body temperature will rise during ceremonies,
all those candles and the body generated heat of the other
monks in one place is going to raise the temperature of 
anything in that room, but they are only going to check on 
the corpse.

well, if packed in salt that would kill him if he wasn't dead already. 

A person with paranormal sight, observed that some
"incorrupt" saints in Egypt had the same aura that a living
person has. This might indicate an ongoing connection
to the body by the soul, transmitting blessings from God
through that body to those who revere it, but there is no
question the body is dead. I say incorrupt in quotes, because
the issue in this is not that there is no indication of death
about the body, but that it is mummified, no rotting no wet
adipocere, etc. This can occur in a dry environment, but has
been observed in conditions that were dank and wet in a
few cases of saints.

Basically, we should leave the chakras and energy body
alone. If you can see them, then noticing how various states
of mind and body affect them is one thing, but trying to
do things to them is not a good idea.

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