Sunday, February 1, 2015


I keep hearing about "unity," it is a globalist New World Order line
of talk, and it is a New Age Movement line of talk. It figures in
the heretical and demonic deception false light infested charismatic
movement incl. especially the hyper charismatics, and it is all over
the evangelical movement.

"evangelical" used to mean, or so I thought from what I used to
read, a focus on Jesus Christ and the Gospel and Biblical Inerrancy,
and a sidelining of issues like predestination vs. free will that can
be "divisive." There being no immediate obvious solution to these,
it made sense. Pretribulation vs. posttribulation rapture, though more
easily resolved, also seemed a reasonable issue to ignore.

But "unity" and "brotherhood" setting aside all that can divide
(starting with truth in the sense of facts) is also a hallmark of
Freemasonry. And the evangelical movement started in Freemason's
Hall, London, in AD 1846. What's up with that? weren't there enough
other places to meet in? Called itself the Evangelical Alliance then,
and what was dying out was turned into the World Evangelical
Fellowship in AD 1952.

A History of the Evangelical Movement 1517-1948, Ruth Rouse and 
Stephen C. Neill, Philadelphia, The Westminister Press, 1967, p. 324.

A Report of the Proceedings of the Conference Held at Freemasons' 
Hall, London, 1846, London, Partridge and Oakey, 1847, p. 5.

A Study of the Evangelical Alliance in Great Britain, J. B. A Kessler, NetherlandsOosterbaan & LeCointre N.V.--Goes, 1968, p. 17.

This is the home of The Grand Lodge of England, mother of all the lodges.
Hmmmm. unity, eh? 

A love peace bliss vibe that seems "Christian" because "peaceful" may
have infected these people, plus the questionable dream of uniting all
Christians bypassing churches and confessions. Now, I converted to 
Eastern Orthodoxy out of generic protestantism. But as far as core doctrine
about Jesus Christ, we are (minus the filioque) the same. I won't defend
Orthodoxy here against protestantism. My point is that out of these 
beginnings, has come a movement that is more and more infected with
questionable or heretical trends judged by The Bible alone (the foundation
also of The Orthodox Church). And alarms are beginning to be sounded
by those in protestantism who are devoted to orthodoxy small o. While
these are often allergic to anything remotely resembling Roman 
Catholicism (daughter church of Orthodoxy), and are often on the 
predestination side of the debate and while preaching morality often accuse
anyone talking about good works as preaching "works salvation" where
you earn your salvation and add to the Blood of Jesus (this is a confusion
on their part, between the works of the Mosaic Law, circumcision, food
laws and sabbath keeping, which Paul wrote Galatians against, and the
good works Jesus and Paul enjoin us to do), they have a good point.

Increasingly even the Blood Atonement is challenged, something that
thanks to Met. Khrapovitsky late of ROCOR started in Orthodoxy, and
that Kalomiros continued with more warpings, ably answered from 
Scripture and The Fathers by Vladimir Moss in The Mystery of Redemption
and The New Soteriology. 

Apparently once you start talking "unity" nothing else matters. 

But there can be no real unity outside of Jesus Christ for Christians, and
"how can two walk together unless they be agreed?" Amos 3:3.

The evangelicals were upset about the plethora of divisive confessions
in South Africa. Well, here's the problem.


If a serious error, in belief or in practice, infects a church or a denomination,
or is present in its confession, isn't it better that it be contained that church
or denomination, than travelling easily among the lot of them?

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