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Tom Horn twists The Bible on how to rebuke

Tom Horn published this statement in his series
"Blood on the Altar," which by the way is very
perspicacious in other matters. Especially the warning
that persecution against Christians will come from
other Christians and observes that the USA is back
of most of the foreign persecution of Christians. I
haven't read all of it yet, but the first two entries are

However, in this statement he is in serious unbiblical

"For example, just about every solid Bible expositor 
know has been tirelessly harassed online the last 
few years by fake defenders of the faith. Yet, not 
once have these self-proclaimed “guardians of the 
truth” actually followed the Bible’s mandates
themselves, mandates that very specifically outline 
how believers are to deal with error in the church. 
The New Testament books of Matthew, Galatians, 
Thessalonians, Romans, and others provide 
guidelines for dealing with differences between true 
believers. These verses teach us that if we perceive 
a brother or sister as falling into error, we are to go 
to him or her PRIVATELY in a spirit of humility and 
redemption. If those we approach will not receive 
our advice, we go to the elders of the church 
PRIVATELY and share our concern. If the elders 
believe the issue is legitimate, they go to the person 
PRIVATELY in hopes of restoring him or her. If the 
person still refuses council, the church is to have 
nothing more to do with him or her. With that in 
mind, the next time you are online reading some 
diatribe about Chuck Missler, Gary Stearman, 
Steve Quayle, David Flynn, J. R. Church, 
L. A. Marzulli, Cris Putnam, Jonathan Cahn, yours
truly, or any of the other current favorite targets, 
ask yourself if the hatchet people attacking them 
ever bothered to obey Scripture and go to the 
person PRIVATELY with their concerns in a loving 
spirit of restoration (they haven’t), and then “be 
careful little eyes what you read,” because 
destructive forces seek to contaminate your mind 
and spirit (see Prov. 4:23–27) in order to prep you 
for service to the dark side."

first off, the private consultation is about differences
between believers that may include doctrine but 
mostly are about sin or harm by one to another or
to a third party observed. 

Secondly you don't go to the church elders to talk to
them, you get two or three witnesses to go with you
on the next attempt, so that there is a record of what
was said by who, no he said she said and various
lies and claims something wasn't said that was said,

THIRDLY you take the matter to the CONGREGATION
make it public and THEN if your brother still won't hear
you, let him be as a publical or a tax collector, in other
words, have nothing more to do with him or her, shun
him or her, ostracize them. 

or whoever cheated you or has been abusive or stole
from you or is trying to break up your marriage or 
slandering you behind your back or whatever.

Tom Horn and the rest of the supposed serious Bible
expositors (and there are problems with their Bible
expositions) are speaking and writing PUBLICLY.


Therefore the contradiction to them must be public to
undo whatever harm they have done.

And all this talk of public vs. private is not in the 
Epistles cites Horn uses. On the contrary Paul says
to Titus and/or Timothy to condemn sinners publicly
so others will fear and says that evil teachers must
be silenced and after warning a divisive person or
one of corrupt mind two or three times ostracize 
them. The latter is not indicated as private, though
of course if such as an individual approached you 
this would be step one, but step two would be to
warn others.

By going online, and publishing, and so forth, these
writers make themselves into teachers, public 
people, and as such have no claim to privacy, and
I also find it difficult to believe that no one ever, ever,
EVER attempted to address these people privately
or semi privately, email, written, spoken to after a 
lecture, or on a blog conversation post if any of these
Bible expositors ran such. 

But that doesn't matter. This is a public situation which
was made public by these Bible expositors and is 
therefore to be publicly addressed. 

However, if you lift the first sentence
"just about every solid Bible expositor...has been 
tirelessly harassed...by fake defenders of the faith" is true
enough, Robert Gundry got trouble when he published a
book showing the Church WILL go through the tribulation,
and those who expose the errors of the charismatics are
ostracized and vilified.

Those who expose the errors of Calvinism's double 
predestination and generally mechanistic dead kind of
framework of thought and of once saved always saved
are called heretics, when in fact these notions are not
to be found in early church writings, and do not exist
in The Bible without contradiction of them in The Bible
and since The Bible IS WITHOUT ERROR in its 
original monographs and hardly any serious copying 
error, and the statements that contradict calvinism are
too lengthy to be a copyist slipup, it follows that 
predestination is not as extreme as Calvin and Zwingli
thought, and the whole picture is more nuanced than
finite human mind can understand, but of course the
arrogance of Calvin (who was a tyrant who ordered a 
man killed for making a cartoon of him in Geneva) 
dictated that human rationality could comprehend 
everything. (In this he was on track with the more 
mechanistic kind of Roman Catholic scholastic thinking.)

Calvinism has a track record of producing despair and
sin and strange manifestations of demonic oppression and
suicide not to mention personal abusiveness towards his
wife, stalked the revivals of Jonathan Edwards. In Texas
many years ago a real Christian was teaching against sin
and getting trouble from so called Christians who argued
"I drink and do drugs and fornicate and I am a Christian,"
but finally got them to read The Bible not just listen to a
couple of verses out of context followed by a grace and 
once saved always saved and not under the law - which
readily translates in hearers to anything goes - and see
that Christians are required to be moral.

Tom Horn has important things in his books, but they are
mixed with a lot of dubious stuff, and the attitude expressed
is clearly one of ambition and sensationalism appealing to
the flesh of the readers, and his own. 

Chuck Missler has such New World Order military industrial
complex etc. connections that I can only assume some other
agenda is involved in this promotion of concerns about 
nephilim hybrids etc.

Oh, yeah, he repeats the old canard that www adds up to 666 when
you treat the letters of the alphabet as 1 to 9 the tenth letter is 10,
the eleventh is 20 and so forth. When you do this with the English
alphabet, you get 555.

While there is much interesting and dangerous research chronicled
by him and Missler with sources cited, there is also nonsense like

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