Sunday, July 6, 2014

Contraction and Convergence, the latest thing in New Age politics of Agenda 21 and massive depopulation down to five hundred million as per the Georgia Guidestones pdf 

link doesn't work because of the ... in it, but if you cut Pythagoras_Renewed_for_Our_Common_Global_Future out of it and paste that in google, you will get the link to it that is clickable. 

skimming the pdf file, I notice

"4. Pythagorean-Platonic language underpinning of C&C
Following the above exposé on the natural, i.e. Pythagorean, relationship between natural 
harmony and the long-term requirements of the UNFCCC for safeguarding the future and 
well-being of Humanity, this chapter provides a series of related ‘statement’s based on the 
Chaldean ‘algorithm’ presented earlier"

this is one of the most egregious efforts at pseudo science even dragging in the starting points of astrology that could lead some to using it, and a pentagram in circle at the top.

That this could be promoted in such a, er, educated and civilized context, shows how far down the scale the typical person is in education.

I am beginning to think that dumbing down isn't just to make us pliable, but to set the stage for making people more easily accepting of occult philosophy and occult practice.

After all, if you can't read very well, you won't study up on herbal medicine that does work when you can't afford medical help or it takes too long when free or reduced rate and gives you inadequate care.

But, if you pick up on something real simple like rub dock leaves on your body and turn somersalts naked in a graveyard at the full moon to cure stage 1 cancer or some such thing, you will be mollified, feel in touch with the higher truth of the higher ups, and eliminate yourself from the population thus helping reduce it a bit more since if you keep this up it will go to stage 4 and death in no time.

ah yes, radiation and toxic sludge are good for you, so drink a brew of this every month during the full moon while listening to a lecture about music of the spheres. 

Of course this wouldn't fly NOW, but give it another 10 years or so.....

already there are alternative health people blithering about how strong and healthy our ancestors were, and we don't need no stinkin' modern medicine just weird diets and occasional actual good herbs. 

The reason we get the impression of strong healthy forebears is that the only people who survived to get pictures taken were the strongest and usually died young.

There is a joke I made up regarding the intensity of life of animals, based on "live fast, die young make a beautiful corpse."

My joke goes, "live fast, die young, make a tasty corpse?"

But with this kind of ignorance plus mysticism plus encouraging depravity and mindless entertainment going on, you could eventually add cannibalism and it would add up to this.

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