Tuesday, July 15, 2014

possibilities from an Eastern Orthodox monk's visions

There are prophecies from Elder Paisios that circulate,
and these were called into question by a monk who
had known him for years, who said he never heard him
say any of these things. But Elder Paisios rarely said
them to anyone, didn't like to talk about what he had
been shown, probably for fear of attention being drawn
away from Jesus Christ to himself.

also, they are somewhat disturbing even if hopeful in
some ways.

One of these prophecies is that world war three will start
in a situation between Greece and Turkey, and another
that the kurds will get their homeland that they want.
The present situation in Iraq is beginning to look like that
could happen.

Also he said the USA would blow up like a balloon. The
person reporting this said he didn't know what this meant,
and Elder Paisios had not elaborated. But there are
several ways this could be fulfilled, all could happen. One
would be the breakup into many segments predicted by a
Russian analyst and others. Or division between two
or more conquering nations. Then there is Yellowstone
and the Long Valley Caldera also getting active, and the
possibility explored in one youtube video that the fracking
and massive underground gas deposits through the midwest
and the collapsing salt dome under Louisiana and New
Madrid Fault could all combine to a catastrophic explosion.

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