Saturday, January 14, 2012

World War 3 in the making

The usual cant is that various military ventures of the USA are illegal.
Actually, none of them are or were. The Constitution specifies that it
and ALL TREATIES ratified are the supreme law of the land, regardless
of what any state constitution or laws say. All these actions were done
under the cover of NATO or the UN or the Asian NATO similar
treaty (that was used to excuse Viet Nam).

That does not mean that the US isn't using these treaties, to legalize
imperialism abroad which means predation against its own people at
home. Who is the main warrior arm for these? the USA. Who is making
decisions? I don't know, but I can assume that the USA is a big player
in making those decisions.

Back to square one, the hidden agenda. Right now, those who are perhaps
devoted to American empire, and may be in the elite class but more USA
biassed like Zbig are arguing against war with Iran. A Mossad retired
officer is saying such a war would be a disaster.

Iran is backed by Russia and China. To go to war with them will mean
war with Russia and China and we cannot win.

I think two things are involved, delusions (perhaps fuelled by black budget
projects that work enough it is thought they will let us win, ignoring that
similar projects have been going on in Russia and China), and deliberate
intent to fight a losing war, with our elites having sold us out to the Russian
Mafia who might well be major players in the financial scene in a Russian
occupied or rather annexed ex USA. Of course, the western half will probably
be annexed by China.

Now I find out that American warships are in The Black Sea. Before this
USA provocations involving placement of missiles in range of Russia to
supposedly defend against Iranian missiles headed for Europe, but which
could be used on Russia with a minor tweak most likely, went on.

I thought we were taking bait in going after Iran. But I think it is more
deliberate than that. Our leaders WANT WW 3. For whatever reason. And
I doubt we can win. In fact, I am sure we cannot.

So, pray this not happen; or that if it does all the banksters, elites and mafia
categories and atrocity inclined sorts on all sides die before the dust settles;
and in the meantime, depending on what part of the country you live in,
start learning to speak Russian or Chinese. Or both.

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