Thursday, January 26, 2012

Teleportation To Mars?

As some who read the blogosphere and watch youtube and alternative
UFO stuff know by know, one Andrew Basiago and someone else
claim to have been teleported to Mars, where there is a colony base
from Earth (and some predatory animals) as part of a secret CIA
project, and even met Obama there on a visit.

Disinformation is usually mostly facts, presented in a way and
context to make it look too loopy to be credible, or with some
lies thrown in the whole thing packaged so as to put you off a
productive track of research, and onto a wrong track.

It was developed by spy agencies during the Cold War and certainly
predates that, but not under that name most likely.

Now, I think it unlikely that such a project is going to be allowed
to be leaked if it existed. Maybe Basiago was public enough no
one could dare kill him, but where is the effort to prove he is
insane and/or never worked where he said he did or stuff like that?

I suspect that many leaks are disinfo, which doesn't mean they
aren't substantially factual, you just have to be careful and not
swallow the whole thing.

Such leaks might be to get us used to the idea of existing off record
and black budget projects in space.

It might also be, that exactly such a base exists (and the predatory
animals), and Basiago is an agent whose purpose is to make it
look ridiculous by throwing in teleportation and Obama.

There have been a lot of photo analysis articles online, which
show evidence of artificial structures and activity and wreckage
and currently functional stuff on Mars and the Moon. Basiago
would be a good ploy to discredit the idea.

Which means yes, we got a base there, yes if you decide to get
your anti gravity act together and go investigate you'd better
be careful of the predatory animals, and no, we don't use
teleportation and Obama is not in the loop.


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