Monday, January 2, 2012

ESF runs the Federal Reserve and is itself run by the Treasury Department and is part of black ops funding

The Federal Reserve is an unconstitutional delegation of
economic power by the govt., so the information here at
first glance looks like it is a good thing, that the Treasury
Department has kept or regained the power it was supposed
to have always had, and without any central bank in the

But look closer. This power is exerted by means of a cutout,
that is itself veiled from view, and means that the elites in
that nest of vipers, the unelected elements of government
typically the State Department but probably also sometimes
the Treasury Department or whoever in it works with or for
the elites, can manipulate political events and economy here
and economy abroad, to the advantage of themselves as a
class, themselves as individuals, and to no advantage of the
American people.

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