Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

I am watching this movie now, on cable.  The thought occurred to me,
maybe this is how apes came to be. Recall that I am working on a
theory of extraterrestrial humanoid life as originating in Pre Flood
mad scientist efforts to engineer humans to fit in extreme environments.

The original Planet of the Apes story indicated that the revolt started
because humans, making ape servants smarter with human DNA,
crossed a line and had something as smart as - but stronger than -
humans and able to speak. (How the humans lost the ability to speak
was not to my memory clearly explained, perhaps some of their
scientists removed the ability? no matter, that is all fiction.)

This movie has the problem begin with an alzheimer's research project,
with unintended results.

Perhaps in the distant past, the pre Flood mad scientists decided to
engineer powerful workers by mixing human DNA with lemurs and
monkeys, and developed ape category. (Probably got a bit out of hand.
But they were never all THAT smart, and couldn't talk, and went feral.
Some of these were taken on the Ark, since they were now among the
creatures that live on Earth that God determined to save some of each.
Or maybe an early effort at recreating that lost evil civilization, part
of which was the Tower of Babel. I doubt any of the ziggurats we
know of now were that tower, after all, there were many aiggurats,
perhaps a kind of cargo cult mentality regarding that tower, and the
original tower was never completed. Probably eventually destroyed,
maybe by using its remains as foundation stones for the later
ziggurats, as good luck in the effort.)

Maybe that is why there is so much genetic similarity between us and
the great apes. They are artificial, a result of ancient horrible experiments.


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