Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nibiru's Orbit is 738 1/2 years and it nothing to do with The Exodus

Planet X aka Nibiru is usually referred to when, when its orbital length
is referred to at all, as having a 3600 year orbit. This is suspect for
two reasons.

first, it is agenda driven, and assumption driven.
second, the start date is widely disputed.

The agenda is disprove supernatural incidents in The Bible as
being supernatural, the assumption, when no anti supernaturalism
missionarizing is being attempted, just the idea taken for granted,
is that there are no supernatural incidents in The Bible, they are
made up, or hysterical misinterpretations of natural phenomena.

So Nibiru (and before that Velikovsky and his catastrophism
ideas) is timed to the Exodus to explain what happened then.

Trouble is, first they assume, then they calculate from the
assumption to the nearest assumed due back date, then
argue back from that. This is circular reasoning.

The date for the Exodus, based on varying interpretations of
The Bible, like what is being in or out of Egypt does that
incl. locations it had control over at times, or only Egypt homeland,
and what does "oppressed" mean and was this to be only in Egypt
or also before in Canaan since it was not yet the Jewish land, etc.,
ranges by officials and Bible date counters, from 1234 BC or
something like that to 1557 BC or something like that.

So you can't make a very good estimate based on some 300
years variation of start date, and the thing not being undeniably
present yet, though most likely it is getting closer.

But thanks to some helpful people online, and a little more
searching on my own, I found out that there is a string of meteor
craters across northern Europe that all hit c. 200 BC. Procopius
in AD 536 describes a nasty situation with the sun darkened by
intense dust or ash and famine for at least a year maybe 2, in
most places reported it was 2 in some places 3 years.

Historians figure supervolcanos going off, and/or an asteroid
strike, would account for this. Both would be consistent with
a nibiru flyby.

Since there is no year zero, AD 1 is preceded by 1 BC, and
never mind that Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ may have been
born a few years earlier than that due to a counting error on
someone's part, that leaves a cycle of 735 years.

Now if you assume (but now we are working with a couple of
real dates, one precise and one approximate - for a global
catastrophe) that nibiru is due back in late 2012 or in 2013,
and its effect is dependent on its position vis a vis us and the
sun when it breaks the ecliptic, which it does twice, coming in
and going out, being on an obliquely tilted as well as eliptical
long orbit, some flybys, perhaps most, would be uneventful
or minimally eventful.

Others would be near extinction level events.

There is enough disturbance going on to assume the 2012 2013
ETA is correct, or close enough. subtract 536, a precise date
from that and divide the result by half, you get 738.5. Plug this
in and remember the AD 536 date is precise, while the 200 BC
date is not, and you get AD 1274 as a mostly uneventful flyby,
some odd weather incl. the "divine wind" storm that drove the
invading Mongol fleet back from Japan, AD 536 as disastrous,
200 BC as disastrous (and that 200 BC date is approximate).

Keep on plugging it in, and you get various dates.
940   BC
1678  BC
2417 BC  the disputable 2300 BC date of end of the Egyptian
                6th Dynasty saw some disaster that wiped out
                civilization there and elsewhere for a few years.
3165  BC
3904  BC
4642  BC
5381  BC
6119  BC
6858  BC
7596  BC
9073  BC
9812  BC
10,550  BC
11,289 BC

Now, if you tweak the begats and assume some generation's names
were left out and so forth, you can push Creation back about 12,000
years or maybe another double millennia. This squares with some
geological information, like the amount of salt dissolved in the sea.

The date for The Flood is similarly open to some question. There is
no way even a worst case scenario fly by is going to make a world
flood, but the tsunami action increased by it could have played a role.

At one point, God said that the pre flood mankind had 120 years.
This is usually interpreted to mean the lifespan of everyone, but it
could have been the time left before God brought The Flood,
having decided to coincide it with nibiru's upcoming next visit, to
maximize the effects. If people had repented, it would have been
a normal worst case (or even miraculously restrained effects?)
flyby, not a global flood, which was caused by unleashing water
from below ground, from the sky and maybe snagging some
from Mars, plus nibiru adding to the trouble.

One of those dates BC may be the date of The Flood. But if
that was strictly nibiru normal worst case scenario effects, we
would have had several global floods by now, and we haven't.



  1. The last time Nibiru, AKA The Destroyer came for a visit was sometime between 1586 to 1600BC. Strange events that closely matched events during the Exodus were recorded by a Chinese writter named Mozi, in his Book 5. The date for his writtings was placed around 1558BC.
    The accounts mentioned in the Holy Bible about the Exodus closely match events recorded in the Kolbrin Bible and in the Ipuwer, and the Tempest Stele of Egyptian Pharaoh Ahmose I. Ipuwer recorded that the Slaves/Evildoers were given certin items... a direct match to the Bible's accounts. The Slaves/Evildoers left Egypt and were led by a Priest-Prince from the inner courtyard of the Pharaoh. Pharaoh followed the Slaves/Evildoers to the shore of a salt marsh and gave battel, then some of the Pharaph's army and some of the Slaves/Evildoers were destroyed by fire and a tidalwave.


  2. As to "Nibiru" ... NASA found it out beyond Pluto in 1983, and imaged it with Microwave & Infrared tech at the South Pole Telescope in 2007-08. It is the outermost planet that revolves around a Brown Dwarf Star. Nibiru is beleived to be 1 of 6 or more planets in this mini-solar system.

    Images upon request.