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Ed Dames on Art Bell at Coast to Coast

UPDATE NOTE, June 18 AD 2016 obviously AD 2013 has come
and gone and nothing outrageous.

but in general, I think remote viewing should be ignored and avoided
because there is some demonic connection in the acquisition and/or
practice of the ability

I was listening to a youtube copy of this program. Several things are
interesting, but first, I think Dames is probably onto something most
of the time, except when it can be prevented so it of course doesn't

The reason why, is that he claims to keep objective, no opening up
 or surrender just observe, and seems to have the kind of self
 control to do so, and here is what he had to say about reincarnation.

It doesn't exist.

This, unlike other psychics, hypnotic regression slop job results,
New Age, etc., is in line with the teachings of The Bible and the
 early Church to now.

What he says happens, is not unlike something I figured might
happen to explain the experiences some have had. That instead
of having memories of a past life, you have downloaded someone
else's memories.

Dames had remote viewed himself in terms of past lives, and
maybe others I forget if he said this or not, but the result was, that
there are people in the past who have your personality, are in
every way identical, their radio broadcast so to speak is the same
as yours, so you can receive it like two different radio programs
coming through on the same station.


We only go around once, folks.

Now as to Nibiru, he hasn't remote viewed that. But some time
ago, he stated that remote viewing of the future (which I would
think would be like accessing and compiling gigabytes of data
incl. stuff you might not even pick up on and then drawing
conclusions, but missing some of the contributing factors, since
remote viewing is very focussed on target), over and over these
big companies who employed his civilian agency, were coming
up with some kind of major problem c. 2013. In fact, the USA
in general has some major non operational condition about
that time, then recovers sort of.

The Kill Shot as he calls an incredible coronal mass ejection
(aka CME) from the sun fries everything, when he couldn't
see, but it would happen soon after a Shuttle flight has to be
cut short because of meteorites pelting it.

The Shuttle program is down as per USA, but Russia and
maybe others have taken it up, all he saw was a Shuttle
type craft, back in the days when we were the only ones
who had this.

Now, nibiru doesn't play in the pictures he gets, because
it wasn't looked for.

What DOES play, is the sort of stuff it can cause.

Now, Dames says that RV is passive as compared to
the other team he implied exists, telekenesis and stuff
like that.

But it is only passive in the sense that it acquires information
withoiut intervening in any way. In fact it is quite active.
There is no passive receptive state involved.

Dowsing, which he gets into in his training courses
described online, is another matter. Dowsing uses the
human as an antenna and requires a degree of letting
something else operate through your fingers. This may
be nothing but your own mind reaching out and feeding
back information. this is the usual interpretation. But the
fact that any degree of passivity, of some segment of
your body doing some action other than directed that
is normally only done by conscious direction, is not cool.
This opens the door to spirit directed automatonism
like Ouija boards, where control is much more surrendered.

Sometimes, things like dowsing rods and planchettes
have been observed to move on their own, with far
greater strength than the light touching fingers could do,
which is another bad sign.

you don't want anything messing around in your body,
or your mind, but your own self. And though possession
may never occur, a presence, a spirit, a liar, a djinn can
get some foothold however temporary. And such contacts
once made may be hard to get rid of.

Immanuel Swedenborg once observed that all spirits would
lie if they had the opportunity. That in itself tells you that
what he thought were angels and spirits were demons.

There is an interesting bit of info I picked up online, someone
had apparently "worked with YHWH" I guess approached
Him like one would try to conjure up a spirit, or perhaps only
His angels. (and the story could have been a lie, or it could
have been clever demons mimicking what might be expected
of such contact, read on, or it could have been the operator's
own mind ditto.)

This person said he didn't like it, and was frustrated, because
when he had some angel on the line, so to speak, and he
asked it something, it would always have to check with
someone, presumably YHWH to get permission to answer.
And often the answer was that he was not allowed to tell
the information, or the operator wasn't supposed to get
that knowledge, or something like that. This honest
withholding of information instead of making stuff up and
coddling the ego and curiosity of the operator, makes me
suspect this may have been a real angelic contact. Demon
contacts (incl. those that are a case of "satan transforming
himself into an angel of light," which is 99.99% of New Age
angel and spirit guide stuff), always enhance the sense of
being special, having a glorious purpose, ruling over all,
evolving, ascending, elitism of one sort or another. By
contrast, the prophets of YHWH in the OT were not
happy about their job, and did not exalt themselves but
exalted YHWH. Neither did they exalt mankind as some
kind of god, the very core of The Fall, the original sin.
they did not tickle the ears of their hearers, and I think
it was Jeremiah whom God told to tell people about the
false prophets and false prophetesses of the pagan
and syncretistic cults among the Israelites, that they
prophesied out of their own hearts, and did not speak
the words of YHWH.

Isn't this prophesying out of one's heart what the New
Age advocates? beware. In Deuteronomy and elsewhere
we are warned not to "watlk in the imagination of your
hearts." The heart was the location of the mind, in popular
thought, feelings were located more in the liver and guts.


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