Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Koch Brothers Flout Law Getting Richer With Sales To Iran

this is what less government more "individual" freedom and responsibility means in practice. rampant corruption and carelessness of safety and interests of the employees - meaning
the ragbag hoipolloi who actually do the hard work and take the physical risks - and of the public at large, and as they get more and more powerful, no effective recourse because it costs money to get
 justice in civil court, if there is no criminal proceeding
or regulatory committees to fall back on. Ah, yes, the
revolving door, all those people who get on regulatory
committees and have assured futures in or past
with the industries they are regulating.

And don't forget about arming people who want us
dead, because business is business.

maximize the role of the private economy and maximize personal freedoms,” David Koch told the National Journal in May 1992.
“My overall concept is to minimize the role of government and to 
In his 2007 book, Charles Koch says his company had difficulty keeping up with changing government regulations and that it did eventually build an effective compliance program for 20 areas ranging from environmental to antitrust to safety regulations.
“We were caught unprepared by the rapid increase in regulation,” he wrote. “While business was becoming increasingly regulated, we kept thinking and acting as if we lived in a pure market economy.”

That's right. all their misbehavior, their lack of morals, commonsense and self restraint, is because they 

"kept thinking and acting as if we lived in a pure market economy.”

NOW do you see what a "pure market economy" would
be in practice? Because this is what you get from people
who forget they are not in one, and act as if they were.


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