Friday, January 28, 2011

Talk about pincher movements

A game in the truth about NWO and illuminati scene, is that a lot of people
are taking the obvious, socially unacceptable angles on this, and claiming
that they represent beings of light that oppose all this, but they also reject
the historic Jesus Christ and Christianity, and attack the OT and NT as
false. These ideas have been disproved so well that they were rejected
even by those who were against Christianity. Dismissing The Bible as a
pack of lies just wouldn't hold water. The recent effort to claim Jesus
Christ never existed, was used back in the 1800s by atheists, briefly, and
quickly dropped for being too ridiculous. There is plenty of evidence that
Christ existed, and that He was worshipped as God and believed to
have risen from the dead, from the earliest times of the church, whether
one accepts these facts about Him, there is no way to reject the fact
that He existed. It took a modern less educated population to be worth
slinging this notion to.

For instance, Brian Desborough attacks the Bible and Christ, on the
excuse that he is attacking "fundamentalist" Christian British Israelism,
itself a spawn of occultist John Dee. But British Israelism is NOT
fundamentalist Christianity, though it and its variant Anglo Saxon
Christian Identity, tries to piggy back on such.

It is simply a game of satan transforming himself in to an angel of
light, a deception, such as St. Paul warns about in 2 Cor 11:14.
Petend to oppose an obiouvsly disgusting dark evil, while alienating
you from the greatest power against it, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and
advising along lines that can eventually lead to undermining (in
the name of "freedom" and rejection of illuminati control freak
made laws and being "open minded") of whatever legal and social
prohibitions exist against the worst of it. The result will be a
person who either converts to the darkness or stops fighting it
as it is supposedly the balance and part of the universe, or else
is crippled in a blissed out state that sees nothing and opposed
nothing and promotes nothing but the like of love peace bliss
that was rife in the Manson hippy cult, and did not prevent the
violence that he ordered. David Icke, Jordan Maxwell and
Brian Desborough are cases in point.

A side note. Desborough claims some entities encouraged him
to study Tesla and Reich. While this seems like harmless free
energy stuff, and may be just another way of pretending to be
good, there is a lot of nasty potential in these technologies
as well.

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