Sunday, January 16, 2011

NASA: Is Approaching Space Object Artificial?

"NASA authorities report that an unknown object approaching the Earth from deep space is almost certainly artificial in origin rather than being an asteroid.....
"Observations by astronomer S J Bus, using the NASA-sponsored Infrared Telescope Facility in Mauna Kea, Hawaii, indicate that 2010 KQ's spectral characteristics do not match any of the known asteroid types, and the object's absolute magnitude (28.9) suggests it is only a few meters in size."
[Unless it is of some material that doesn't reflect like a rocket section or an asteroid.]
The mysterious artificial object has apparently made a close pass by the Earth, coming in almost to the distance of the Moon's orbit, and is now headed away again into the interplanetary void. The object has used no propulsion during the time NASA has had it under observation."
[The official position is that this is a spent rocket stage from some interplanetary probe
we sent out years ago.]
"However the spacewatch experts believe that it must have moved under its own power at some point, given its position and velocity."

Which would rule out the spent rocket stage

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