Saturday, February 26, 2011

What the Ice Cores Tell Us and How The Deniers Distort It

This video shows how the global warming deniers twist information from Greenland
Ice Cores.

Meanwhile, recently Greenland's west coast above the Arctic Circle, where it is
night half the year, saw the sun rise TWO DAYS EARLIER than they ever had
before, showing that the Greenland Ice Cap had melted down enough, to lower
the effective eastern horizon from their perspective.

Even if the rise in greenhouse gasses only coincidentally occurred when a
normal heat increase cycle was starting, the rule still stands: when it is a hot
day, you do not turn up the thermostat.

So even if we didn't cause this, we MAY be making it worse and quicker,
and we CAN mitigate it.

Further,  serendipity department, if out efforts to correct global warming by
changing our behavior, is of no use for that purpose, it DOES work to
lessen dependence on oil and improve air quality.
The video the global warming deniers tried to ban

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