Monday, January 17, 2011

Well, We can All forget About Nostradamus

Seems Nostradamus was not a prophet, but a thief and forger,
who stole a manuscript, which being written in an obscure
local dialect was semi unintelligible, and passed it off as oracles.
(The mode of getting the oracles was a kind of scrying, which
should, as an ocultists tactic, render the quatrains off limits
to any sensible Christian, which hasn't stopped Christians
from using them, and other dubious stuff like Edgar Cayce.
Nostradamus also practiced astrology, something that is 
part of paganism, a conveyorbelt to the rest of darkness, and
which has little to do with the occasional established effects
of the Moon or some planetary alignments. God forbids 
astrology when He forbids skygazing or awnan in 
Deut. 19. Cayce got information from demons who only 
told him two categories of things, stuff that was known 
somewhere or they could see paranormally as in diagnosis, 
and stuff that was either flat out lies about Jesus Christ, or 
unproveable antiquity stuff. I notice it is often patriotic 
minded sorts who like this stuff, I guess to the degree 
nationalism of any kind becomes your false god, you 
will be open to such materials. the near idolatrous sense 
of awe about the ancient people and their buildings is 
pretty obvious a weakening factor against such evil as 
well. Cayce and anyone who knows The Bible, should
have been able to spot that the style of communication
was not that of an angel, since it channeled through 
him rather than talking to him, while he was in a trance.
The notion of "inspiration" as involving a trance state
or some exaltation state is also false. None of this 
figures in Biblical accounts of meeting angels. Their
false teachings about Jesus made him doubt them, 
but unfortunately he went along with them anyway.)

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