Friday, June 4, 2010

Persistently Pernicious Myths of Hypatia

Click on the link to reand the entire article,
which also refutes the legend of Christian
destruction of the Alexandria Library. That
occurred in stages, twice because of pagans
warring with each other.

This article is a good reality check on the
stuff we are usually presented as fact.

Hypatia didn't die because she was an
intellectual woman who spoke publicly or
because she was a threat to Christianity,
she got caught in a factional brawl.

There was no conflict between science and
Christianity, philosophy was often used to
argue for Christianity, and intellectual
prominent women were nothing unusual 
among early Christians.

" the frankest account of her murder was written 
by the Christian historian Socrates, who obviously 
admired her immensely. It seems likely that she 
died simply because she became inadvertently 
involved in a vicious political squabble between the 
city’s imperial prefect and the city’s patriarch, and 
some of the savages of the lower city decided to 
take matters into their own hands.

In the end, the true story of Hypatia—which no one 
will ever make into a film—tells us very little about
 ancient religion, or about the relation between 
ancient Christianity and the sciences, and absolutely 
nothing about some alleged perennial conflict between 
Christianity and science; but it does tell us a great 
deal about social class in the late Hellenistic world....

In the royal quarter, pagans, Christians, and Jews 
generally studied together, shared a common 
intellectual culture, collaborated in scientific endeavor, 
and attended one another’s lectures. In the lower city, 
however, religious allegiance was often no more than a 
matter of tribal identity, and the various tribes often 
slaughtered one another with gay abandon."

And this latter is exactly what went on whenever
the Serbs decide to go on the warpath. Sarajevo was
a cosmopolitan city where the best chance for easy
conversion of Muslims to Christ (Who was even then
referred to as "Son of Allah" by some) existed. All
that was destroyed when satan persuaded the Serbs
to start their arrogant breakaway move in Bosnia.

Precisely the mentality Mystagogue's blogger
describes in Alexandria street level people, is what
most of the Serbian Orthodoxy and Croatian Roman
Catholicism is all about.  

Out Lord and Savior Jesus Christ warns us, that
you cannot get bad fruit off a good tree, nor good
fruit off a bad tree. "By their fruits you will know
them." With the exception of notable and unknown
holy men and women among the Serbs, the majority
are just members of a clicque. 

Let us beware we don't abuse Orthodoxy as an
excuse to fight or a flag to rally around to get a
heroic rush.

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