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Eugenics Watch - a good thing to read

/This site shows the hidden nature and games of eugenics. The major flaw,
from my perspective as an Orthodox Christian, which is similar to their Roman
Catholic position about human freedom and response to God,  is this.

Eugenics, The Great Man idea and so forth, is based on the taken for
granted premise that anything achieved is the result of the achiever alone,
and that the source of this ability is genetic.

Notice that God on the one hand, and accident and circumstances (things
that God can also play with) are not even considered.

It IS obvious from studying animals, that genetics can shape an animal,
its temperament, susceptibility to some illnesses and strength and other

It is ALSO obvious, but ignored, that the human brain is so much
larger, and the human ability to program and reprogram itself
or others to be a trained domesticated animal in effect, shaped by
its culture, advertising gimmicks, brainwashing in initiation uber rough
practices in some tribes, etc., and to the very next generation with
no change in blood only in culture to be totally different, is so
great that the genetic component, though real, is far more
overrideable by the inidivual and the group influence and choice
as to make it NOT irrelevant, but much less than it is in animals.

God often uses the weak to show His power held in weak vessels,
as St. Paul points out.

And Proverbs says that the race is not always to the swift, and
this applies to animals as well as humans. Ignored by the wannabe
stockbreeders, is that no amount of genetic selection and multiple
lines to a great ancestor who seems indeed to be influencing his
or her descendants, will make up for lack of training against
trained opposition, or guarantee results against similar bred
or guarantee results even against inferiors, if circumstances go

Eugenics is generally an exercize in the sin of pride, from which
comes all others for the most part.

But there are genetic angles to some diseases, there are good
reasons to think about who you make children with.

On the other hand, all the healthy gene selection in the world,
will not make up for bad parenting and bad personal choices
and even may cause bad choice, if thrown up to the bearer of
the good genes as indications of being of an elite. The person
may put in less effort than they should, and come up short.

Nurture, divine influence and human response overrides
genetics a lot.

And there is a joker in the genetic deck, genes whose exact
function are unknown and genes that turn other genes on and
off. Exactly what might be controlling these is unknown.

So back off the selected breeding and pride of ancestry.
I have some reason to be glad for some ancestry on my
father's side and deplore my mother's effects, some were
physical some were psychological or even paranormal
and evil. My father wasn't innocent in the paranormal
evil dabbling, but he wasn't as committed to his own self
will and worship of self belly as my mother was to herself.

But some of what is right in my pedigree might also
reflect a blessing from God on His Lutheran servants. And
on some Jewish ancestors who, isolated from the Gospel
could not perhaps be held accountable regarding it, but who
truly cared about God and doing good deeds and showed
righteous inclinations (some of which were abandoned by
some of their sons).

I don't know. and how might this blessing operate? Maybe
by turning some genes on and others off.......among other

So while the research of the genome hunters is not
without merit, don't take it too far. Watch these bastards
carefully, but consider not breeding if you have mental
or physical problems. That means abstinence or
NONabortifacient contraception. That doesn't mean
that those who have inherited problems shouldn't have
been born. On the rare occasions that God speaks
of it being better for someone if they had not been born,
it is not a matter of disability but of their sins or their
dragging others into sins. Occasionally an individual
is quoted who expresses wish he or she had not been
born because of his or her misery, or wishes death.
The headstrong take this into their own hands, the
servant of God turns to God seeking this as when
Elijah seems to ask to die, but is instead comforted
and strengthened. Turn to God in your difficulties,
and you will find a way other than sin or death.

And make sure you do NOT sign anything that says
no extraordinary care to keep you alive, because
that phrase now includes keeping you fed and
watered! those are no longer nursing procedures
but "medical" procedures, in the extraordinary
category! If you are to be let slip away into death
naturally, there is no reason you should not have
some food and water going into you to keep you
comfortable up to the last. Artificial support of
lung and heart action, as distinct from supplying
extra oxygen, is another matter. The concept of
"vegetable" has moved from the original one of
being comatose, or nearly so, to someone who is
clearly able to sense pain and pleasure, move,
and look and make noise. Someone joked that
"oxygenated corpse" might be a term in use
eventually to disguise the fact, that the dead
being harvested aren't dead. But it is probably
going to happen that exactly that sort of idea
will be accepted to speed heart harvesting
(the origin of the modern idea of brain
death, which is not about lack of action of
brain signal in all the brain but only in the so
called higher function sections).

Finally, I suspect that "pro life" vs. "culture of
death" is a misnomer in the whole battle. Because
the people who want to exterminate all the
competition for resources and the owners of
spare parts they need to prolong their own lives,
are hardly opposed to life per se, just opposed
to any life they find inconvenient and supportive
only of their own lives. In other words,
social darwinism or dog eat dog with a pretense
of dignified professionalism.

The population problem and is results are not
entirely invalid. Sure, Malthus had nothing really
solid to work with to predict from, and his ideas
have been refuted many times. IT IS OBVIOUS
that when animals overbreed and are not culled
by predators, that they end up with starvation.

IT IS ALSO OBVIOUS that the human is
smart enough to increase food supply by
improvements in agriculture, and this has been
done repeatedly.

that extra mouths to feed mean less to go
around in a given family with limited ability and
income. And when race, class, relationship or
lack thereof and greed (whether of hoarder
wealthy or of rapacious wannabe wealthy
who end up taking too much from a common
share) get in the way of sharing you will have
such limitation of resources for the individuals
and families.

(God interfered with this by demanding the
MANDATORY (and subject to public
checking up on in the OT Law) charity not
just an individual option but one of the things
the individual had damn well better do if the
people were not to be at risk of divine wrath
and foreign invasion).

Part of the population problem comes from
stopping infant mortality without educating the
parents to stop going out of their way to breed
more and more and usually trying to breed
sons, and kill daughters. The high tech version
of this, is the use of ultrasound to determine
sex of the unborn and abort the ones of the
wrong sex, in China and India. Traditional
cultures were often laden with "anti life"
traditions! Evil is not something modern.

the whole idea of marriage as for reproduction
is a twist, something the RC fell for due to
St. Augustine and others arguing that a wife
who is kept for relationship and lovemaking
is nothing but a legal whore, while in fact this
is PRECISELY the purpose that St. Paul
and God in Genesis points to, reproduction
being a second rate issue that would result
and be a Godly seed if the parents were
godly and had a decent relationship (see
the Prophet Malachi). The Old Testament
only mentions "repro sex" in passing, and twice
tells tales that rebuke this, showing the incestuous
rape by drug of Lot by his daughters and the
semi incestuous deception of Judah by Tamar
as examples of where reproduction as the
primary goal can get you, and the Levirate
marriage is first condemned then allowed
if the brothers or half brothers DWELL
TOGETHER at the time of the widow's
husband's death, and he can refuse.

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