Saturday, May 8, 2010


Neanderthal genome sequenced, most of it, and at 14,000 critical points
where we differ from chimpanzees, we are identical to Neanderthals
at all but 88 points. Comparing with 5 individuals, from China, France,
Papua New Guinea, South Africa, and western Africa, the non
Africans had 1 to 4 % same DNA as Neanderthal, while the Africans
had none.

This is too small a figure to tell much, but it validates what I an amateur,
and some scientists (incl. one who said he only had to look in the mirror
to know some of us have Neanderthal blood), have been saying.

Seems they also found mix breed characteristics in two skeletons,
and I recall seeing a cave drawing of a girl who was clearly a half

Also I read an article once, that said the Neanderthal couldn't have
talked, because the neck was too short so the pharynx was too

Well, I had a Spanish teacher with a high voice and no neck.
Obviously the shorter pharynx in a short neck, can ride lower
than normal and keep more length than you expect.

Coincidentally, Ivan T. Sanderson mentioned a man in western
Russia, who was the son or grandson of an Almas woman.
I.e., half or quarter Neanderthal or Sasquatch or whatever.
And he was a tenor when he sang. A short pharynx would
make for a high voice.

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