Friday, May 28, 2010

Well this is weird

David Icke is famous or infamous for claiming that shape shifting
reptillian aliens are taking over the world. George Bush and
the Queen of England and Michael Aquino being cases in point.
The solution he proposes, interestingly enough, is to counter
the luciferian influences by adopting a blurry love love blah blah
approach and downsizing everything into a kind of syndicalism.
(localism run amok.)

Now, this is interesting, because a New Age type deception is
to be countered with a New Age "non judgemental" read
anti discernment and accepting of every influence and being
open to everything, and the proposed socio political agenda is
the same as that of David Myatt.

(Seems I can't get away from these people. Maybe more on
that later. Suffice it to say that some people, incl. classy type
devil worshippers in respectable positions, want to figure out
what domino to push over to cause the USA to collapse into
the sort of chaos they can use. David Myatt, of the Order
of Nine Angles of human sacrifice fame in England, decamped
to Islam. On the American side of the Big Puddle, it would
seem the most useful domino would be the militia - patriot
movement to create chaos. Worldwide, it would be radical
islam. The goal, to create a world not unlike the scene in
Conan the Barbarian comics and movies. City states, some
probably imperialistic eventually, no poliltical unit larger
than San Marino. San Marino is a city state in the Italian
peninsula, whose population consisted of 25,000 residents
and 27,000 expatriates or something like that. This San
Marino ideal is a product of David Myatt's ravings. Nasty
experiments involving sexual abuse of drugged up captive
hitchhikers alleged to have been volunteers, eventually
killed on a strange flat slab altar were reported by two
sources, and the thing itself seen by a young man who
was brought to a non violent event in Belmont, California,
in 1997, and later died oddly.)

anyway, David Icke seems to have some very strange
backing. The effects he has are two: to render all
investigation of the stuff he writes about look silly, and
to promote bad solutions to those who do follow him.

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