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Well, here we are! only two years left to the end of the world - NOT!

There is the famous 2012 thing, which has (like most New Age concerns)
generated lots of cash for the writers about it. Not to mention fame and

The actual Long Count calendar, which resets in 2012, does not specify 
any cataclysm. Just that the count begins again. The shorter calendars 
reset all the time, without a cataclysm. The LC Calendar even projects
future dates beyond 2012, such as the anniversary of a famous king's
accession to the throne. Obviously they didn't expect the world to end.

Two things of interest: What is the origin of the LC? The earliest examples
of these are west of the Maya homeland, and it is suggested that they got
it from someone else.

This would be consistent, of course, with contact from China. Non Maya,
and westerly from them.

What started the LC calendar? What was the event? I suspect it was The
Flood, but it might not have been. There is some disputing about 
correlating the Gregorian and Maya calendars, but apparently the LC cycle
starts Aug. 11, 3114 BC. The people most likely to retain some memory
of this creation of everything (more likely re-establishment of creation)
or anything whatever it was, maybe the cataclysm post Flood that

divided the earth in the days of Peleg, that would still be around to tell
anything to anyone any date AD, would be the Chinese.

I realize that wikipedia is not always reliable, but this is written with 
lots of scholarly references and quotes and is probably good enough. You
can also Google or Yahoo it of course.

Another end of the world prediction, is a year earlier, in AD 2011,
courtesy of Harold Camping. In case you never heard of this guy because
you haven't been camping out on the radio at the right place and time
(he runs Family Radio but doesn't talk for 24 hours a day, thank God), 
here is some information of use. Basically, his is another one of those 
unbiblical efforts at date setting, that Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ 
warned not to do. Mathew 24:35-36 "...of that day and hour no one knows
not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone." 

Here is a location that lists 220 dates mostly failed so far. 

Camping of course is doing the usual twist and spiritually reinterpret
stuff, that is mostly only good for number crunching exercizes and
generating heresies.

Some of his peers put him in the heresy category.

scrolling down to the link to the next article, we find these details. I
notice that my own assessment of him, using rather different words, 
matches the writer's assessment that he has narcissistic personality

"Where it all Began: Mr. Camping, according to his own testimony, after serving for years as an elder of Almeda Bible Fellowship, was asked to resign from his position and was prohibited from teaching anymore. This happened around the year 1988, which coincidentally was around the same time that Camping says he began to get “new information” from the bible concerning end times doctrine. According to his version, his being asked to step down was evidence that the corporate churches was apostate. Notice the egotism here. Camping equates his discipline by the elder board of his old church as nothing short of a prophet from the Old Testament being persecuted by apostate Israel.

In any case, this raises the question why Mr. Camping was asked to step down from being an elder, and to stop teaching in his church. Was it simply a case of persecution of a modern day prophet? Or did the elders have a substantial reason. We will never know the details, because that elder board has never gone public with the details, but I can assure you Camping is not a prophet. With that option off the table, I think it is reasonable to assume that one of the major reasons why Camping was forced down was because of his unconventional interpretation of scripture.
No Private interpretation: Before Camping even came out with his modern heresies, he has already had a reputation for using strange techniques for interpreting scripture. This comes down to hermeneutics. For those who do not understand this fancy word, it means: “the study of interpretation”. For generations there are established ground rules to hermeneutics. In other words, no one is simply free to put their own spin on scripture but we are bound to rules of interpretation that are consistent with logical analysis and literary comprehension. Understanding linguistics, historical context, literal vs. figurative interpretative, and other such guides prevent men from “twisting” the scripture to say something it is not. Once you abandon hermeneutics you leave the door open for a floodgate of personal opinions of scripture that are only relevant to the one interpreting. But God’s word is not some hodgepodge of words for the ignorant and unstable to victimize and shape the way they want, but rather scripture is a solid objective and clear revelation of God’s mind, which we must study hard to find out the true meaning of scripture.
For Camping, the bible is a spiritual book. Which is true. However the way he frames that statement is meant diminish the need for the application of hermeneutics. His reasoning goes like this: the bible is spiritual, hermeneutics is not spiritual, therefore we cannot use conventional hermeneutics to interpret the bible."

Camping's abysmal failures to date and the egocentrism that is often
a feature of what Eastern Orthodoxy calls prelest or spiritual deception,
whether originating with oneself or the devil or a bit of both, should 
mark him as nothing to pay attention to. Pray for his soul.


2012 gets a workover in a new disaster flick of that name. In it we see
a bunch of arks being the only way for life to survive, since supposedly
the crustal shift causes tidal waves that scrub over the whole dry land
parts of earth.

Nonsense. And unbiblical. That is what happened during The Flood,
"the waters were coming and going" an abnormal amount to begin with
and a scrubbing action that takes out whoever got to high ground, all
the mountains probably being lower back then anyway. There are seashells
to be found in the Himalayas.

God said He would never again send a Flood to destroy all life on earth,
and the disasters in Revelation only indicate a 1/3 or 2/3 burn over and/or
kill off. So the flood of fire does not kill as much percentage as the Flood
of water did.

My own reading of Revelation, notes that the four horsemen seem to be
what is going on now, we are in the time of the third horseman, and
moving into the time of the fourth. (The "pale" horse is probably a dilute,
like a perlino or a cremello, which in John's day would have been known
as among those in the hands of massacre happy Scyths and so forth,
who had Nisean horses, whose closest representatives today are the rare
Akhal Teke breed. True Palominos are also dilutes, and there may be a
pale dun version. Such horses might look white compared to others, but
they are not white when compared with a white horse.)

THEN a terrible event occurs, where mountains move out of place, the
stars fall the sky rolls up and great and small cry to the mountains "fall
on us and cover us, for the day of the Lamb's wrath has come."

Right now, we have military and other types digging into the mountains
and other places for survival from war and other stuff, and a general
(even among them) knowledge that a Day of Judgement a Day of Wrath
is allegedly coming. Even those who don't believe, and those who have
THE Day of Judgement confused with lesser wraths, would sit up, take
notice, and panic when the earth's crust moves several 100 miles a day.

And that motion may have already slightly begun. It will accelerate at
some point, to catastrophic effects. And anyone on the ground, will see
the sky roll up as a scroll, really a wall of smoke and dust from volcanism,
and the stars seem to move, and of course all mountains and so forth
will indeed be moved out of their places.

The mammoths in Siberia died freezing.....with warmer climate plants
in their stomachs.

AFTER this there is a long time of peace, until the ranks of a special 
group of servants of Christ (Greek for Messiah) are filled. The exact
length of time is not stated.

Most of the stuff we look for, including one maybe another crustal
shift like event, occur after this.

And I doubt the shift will get rolling serious in 2010. But we might
get hit by some asteroid in the next 20 years or so. Or not. One
real serious one flew by close, not noticed until it was passing us,
I think it was sometime last year. Maybe the year before. But while
Russia prepares to save our collective arse from Apophis, we might
all get blindsided. And there is Yellowstone and a few others
grumbling and growling.

And the Coronal Mass Ejection possibility. I think one already got
flang off the sun but in the opposite direction from the Earth a few
months ago. If it had been in our direction, it would have taken out
all power and communications. 

A Carrington Event is a CME on the level of what happened in 
AD 1859 noted by one Richard Carrington.

In those days, we weren't that dependent on electronics, 
so it didn't matter. Telegraphy was affected, oddly. The power 
could be turned off, and telegraph keep running on the electricity 
the lines were getting from the ambient field the CME caused. 

In a modern situation, this might mean our power cables would 
have an overload, the transformers blow, with grid sections still
going between them, and everything on the grid destroyed by an

The maximizing of Citizen's Band and Ham radio operation and
networking would be a good thing. The more the merrier. This is
the only thing that would continue. Maybe some stuff underground.

ISAAC NEWTON The famous scientist was also intensely 
interested in Bible prophecy, focusing on Daniel and Revelation,
and figured AD 2060 was when we would have Armageddon.
Or something like that. Newton looked for mathematical clues
in Solomon's Temple architectural details. As I write this, I am
watching something on The History Channel about this. Seems
he was also scouring The Bible to find clues there to the right
processes in alchemy to make gold. This in itself, along with
astrology, was not that off the wall back then, though it was
beginning to fall out of favor.

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