Friday, January 15, 2010

CIA deliberately aids terrorists

and why would they do this? Because from the gate, from their start as the
renamed OSS and before, to the present, they represented the interests of
big money and big arms and Wall Street and some well connected
adventurerous minded sorts like Bill Donovan who saw the world as their
playground, and the interests of such people are not helped by a lack of
viable enemies.

To those who saw everything in nationalist and ideological war
terms, like followers of Joe McCarthy, the cause must be communist
infiltration. And McCarthy made a good show of oddly behaving people in
the State Department, military brass etc. who he assumed were commies.

The real problem is not nations and ideology. The alleged defenders of
these don't give a damn about such matters. Communism is just a
runamok creation of Big Money interfaced to disaffected minimalized
nobility often with an occultnik angle.


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