Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dr. Rima Laibow, disinformation and controlled opposition?

I ran across this interesting thing in the blogosphere.
Seems Jesse Ventura interviewed her on his
Conspiracy Theory show, so I did a little research.
While it is unlikely she is a Scientologist, her use
of words like "enturbulated" being explainable as
from association with Scientology clamheads like
Hal Puthoff and others in her husband General
"Spoonbender" Stubblebine's Remote Viewing crew,
that doesn't mean that she isn't what has been
termed "controlled opposition" to whatever bad 
stuff is going on.

(Google up aquarium and stubblebine to get more
details on all this. For the term clamhead, read 
the stuff at the link operation clambake to the 

Controlled opposition, is where someone pretends
to be against something, but is in fact its agent,
and directs opposition into lines of talk and action
that may feel fulfilling, but are not as dangerous
to the something's interests as some other 
possible actions equally easy to everyone might

In her case, she opposes CODEX which is an anti
supplements thing in Europe and America, but
without certain treaties like CAFTA it can't work.
So she directs her followers' anti CODEX actions
AWAY from the infrastructure CODEX needs,
while pretending to oppose CODEX she helps it.

Or so says this link, which says that Dr. Stanley
Monteith and Ian Crane also outted Dr. Laibow

The purpose of the Aquarium conspiracy was to 
redirect public inquiry away from what it should
be looking into regarding UFOs. And one of 
their members was responsible for driving one
Dr. Bennewitz nutz. Poor guy made the mistake
of reporting suspicious activities around a nuke
installation under Air Force authority to the
Air Force Office of Special Investigations, which
report fell into the hands of Richard Doty aka 
"Falcon" of the so-called Aviary, and of AFOSI,
who went to work on discrediting Dr. Bennewitz. 

My guess is, that the whole Majestic 12 thing,
was to create the false impression that (a)
the majestic group or whatever it was called
had consisted only of certain people, and not
others, and (b) there was none of them left 
alive to research. I think there was one then,
Clyde Tombaugh, who died later and his papers
were grabbed at once by some people.

Meanwhile, the later additional Majestic 
or Majic 12 papers were given to a couple of
guys, one of whom proceeded to respectfully
approach one retired Army Psychological 
Warfare expert Dr. Michael Aquino. (Google
that asshole for more on him.) And his opinion
was that this was not disinformation it didn't
look like it. WHY HIM? Just what the hell
(no pun intended when I first wrote it, but 
it is applicable) is going on here? Why was 
he approached? As for capability to form
a valid opinion, I am sure he's got it. But
reliability as in honesty? Well, among the
papers to be found at the Temple of Set site
online, is his paper to the Army dismissing
psychic research of a particular sort as a
waste of time and money.

Apparently that was done in order to keep
them from getting in on something he was
interested in himself, since later it was an 
ongoing object of research for practical 
application by the Temple of Set after he
founded it, and while under his direction.

So while you are worrying about what the big
bad government is up to, or rogue elements
hiding within it, and there may be some truth
to this, be careful what you buy into while you
are doing so. 

Meanwhile, according to a well travelled retired
professor friend of mine, American news never
tells you as much as foreign news does, and 
besides Americans don't like to hear bad news.

So sure enough, it is a Euro source that tells 
us all that President Obama has ordered a
plan for dealing with a biowarfare attack be
drawn up in 180 days. So what is he expecting?

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