Sunday, December 27, 2009

Prehistoric animals washed ashore in the Tsunami?

On youtube there is this big hysteria about some mini monster in a
sewer, which some say is tubifex worms. Maybe, there are some
questions in my mind though, because tubifex worms only seem to
make such colonies when yanked out of water and on their own
don't hang out above water, or so all the pix supporting this idea
says. And the tendril worms are much shorter compared to the
central colony, and not so transluscent and flattish.

while I was trying to locate the response video of a kid freaking
out about its being eggs of a monster that is going to come get us,
I stumbled on this one, the writing on it is in German, but
watch the fish samples.

picture no. 5 looks like a baby pleisiosaur, and the last one
reminds me of something from a paleontology book years ago.
Click on the title of this post, to go to the video.

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