Friday, January 6, 2017

Stable Blindness in nationalism.

In horse breeding there is something called stable blindness, you can see all that's wrong with others' horses, and nothing that is wrong with your own. Here is a view of America by an outside, same as that of those Americans who have done the research.

from a blog post
"Anonymous Anonymous said...
Your very capital city is built with a map of masonic signs, your government buildings the same, very few of you have ever set foot outside of your goven State let alone country or even the Americas. You have painted blasphemy upon the inside of your Capitol, turning George Washington into a god being lifted up by the angels. Do you know what that painting is called and if so, what those words mean? Then there is a G. Washington statue in that same building depicted as Baphomet, and fascist symbols each side of the speaker of the house: need I go on?
Your United States Union was set up by a bunch of Christ rejecting deists and your country, more often the bad guys than not, has caused more wars than any other in the same time period. You forgot to mention McCarthyism, etc. You also believe that any social justice implemented is de facto Communist. You are the most violent Western country there is, arrogant, insular, and disliked place by right thinking people the World over. Your prison population is one of the largest, if not the largest in the World, many people are without recurse to health care or a proper education if they can't wave enough dollars about, your racial and class divisions are stark and draconian, and most of you have no idea about the places, peoples and cultures you set out to destroy in the World. You are a bunch of mindless bloodthirsty loudmouths, most not all, and no, thankfully I don't live in your arrogant and ignorant (so much so you forget Colombians, Hondurans, Canadians, Mexicans, etc are Americans too, not just those of the USA), uncaring and loveless entity you call America aka the USA.
I hope that answers your question and lets you know how most of the World, and how most Christians around the World (especially in the Middle East and Latin America) see you!"
There is a lot wrong with the USA and the old can't "go live somewhere else " is not an answer. for some of the secret evils and connections behind all this, has real good information lots of links. We talk about the need to repent of sexual immorality, perversion and abortion and of communoid thievery by big government aka taxes, and exalt as "Christian economic principles" something invented in the past two centuries and ignore pride, vainglory, covetousness, greed, ambition, class snobbery, brutality, etc. etc. that typifies American culture even when it was more moral (or better at hiding evil).

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