Wednesday, January 11, 2017

How It Happened


  1. Ya boring olde cunt! Great ta see ya nigh on banned from Connie's!

  2. not really. she could see what was going on, as she said. a couple years back she remarked on people baiting me being why I posted so much. before that were repeated requests for you people to use "collapse comments" and a remark about bullying by you all. Several times I tried to ignore you and then you'd come up with yet another unthinkable unpredicted by me slander and filth and lies and misquotes.

    actually this works to my advantage. I am forced to deal with the most important issues, and trim and trim to get into the maximum allowed space 4,000+ characters allowed in the post box.

    I am sure the people at Connie's will be glad to know that one of my detractors uses such filthy language.