Monday, May 16, 2016

last tape Randall Baer made before he was murdered.

Randall Baer went over a cliff a few days before his book came out,
Inside The New Age Nightmare. There was hardly any blood yet he'd
gone through the windshield in a 350 foot fall, no skid marks, his
briefcase had been broken over and rifled through. There was some
push to close the case fast, the Santa Fe police were not happy closing
it. Aside from "religious" interests and demon influence on people to
silence him, New Age has always been a big money making thing,
and his many lectures and his status as an ex New Age leader and
founder of the crystal system using many gemstones in arrangements
meant he had credibility with New Agers. During a meditation the
horrible reality was shown him like a veil pulled aside and he saw the
real evil behind it all. Someone had been praying for him. At first, he
tried to extract for Christian use what seemed neutral in New Age
practices including crystals, but found it didn't work.


  1. Hi Christine
    I'm Ruth of Exeter who posts sometimes on Constance Cumbey's blog. Very interesting post on Randall Baer. can I ask where you got the details on this?

  2. Hi, Ruth, I got this from but more detail from a circular enclose in the book itself when I got it years ago. that mentioned that the prosecutor's office was pressuring the police to close the case or vice versa whichever, I read that years ago.

    I have The Unicorn's Secret and his number titled book on order, will probably deal with that on this blog.

  3. BTW, using all those semiprecious stones placed in patterns on your body isn't cheap. anyone looking to lose money from that kind of crystal work being attacked by its own founder would be upset. It might be that more than one person was involved in killing him. the lack of blood would point to him being dead before he went off that cliff. total lack wouldn't happen of course as long as it is still liquid in the body, but it would be insignificant.