Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Javier Solana a serious problem maker

For some time I have been bitching about NATO incursion into Eastern Europe
provoking Russia and making a dangerous situation.

"Does it surprise us, who easy it was for J. Solana to get the former Eastern-block States into NATO "

was on a link about a book by a Russian defector who named Strobe Talbott as a Russian dupe. (Farmer Bjorn some years back outted
himself as a worshipper of some "blue god" which sounds like feri witchcraft, which was
making incursions from USA into Nordic countries some years ago, might be the same
thing, they have among their "deities" a "blue god," one of the rare instances but by no
means unheard of, when a demon can use the color blue. Bjorn was also publicly cavorting
with his mistress online back then and not divorced. exactly what was the upshot of all
this, which appeared on Constance Cumbey's blog, she was distressed by all this when she
heard of it, I don't know. she kept the link to his blog on her blog because of the value of
his information.

So now I know who to blame for the NATO expansion. Solana.
Solana is considered by some a candidate to be the antichrist. And his European military (I think
that's the subject) directive is numbered 666, something he can't be ignorant of implications
and the EU building resembles an old painting of what the partly shattered or unfinished Tower
of Babel looked like. not a good sign.
The whole thing, EU as covert Nazi project and UN as Theosophical Society project, their
Lucis Trust running the weird meditation chapel someone reported had creepy vibes - well, with
this combination, I can only assume some people involved know and approve of the antichrist

When Solana got NATO moving east, Russia was a wreck. But now it has its act together. Solana
may have thought provoking Russia into an attack that could be repelled, would be an excuse to
unite Europe seriously into one nation with one army.

But now Russia is unbeatable. as for why, Wikipedia discussion of their weapons is a good start.

the neocons are continuing all this.

Because of issues raised in I don't think Solana can
be the antichrist, however much he might want to be. Unless transhumanist technology lets him
survive in stasis for 20 to several hundreds of years.

but he is trouble.

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