Sunday, May 8, 2016

Dominionist semi Christianity now has a semi satanist connection

What Boykin has been up to.
he's friends with Vallely who lied about the Aquino business and Boykin is with Joyner who is a closet luciferian Rick Joyner's Demonic Church  time stamp 28:45
Boykin generally says the things that please Christians. outraged about the right things, though he says the Constitution is inspired by God and 'The Bible is Referenced Four Times More Than Any Other Document in our Constitution' when it does not ONCE reference the Bible or any other document whatsoever.

Which tells me he hasn't read the Constitution much, or figures no one else has and is a damn liar.

Vallely lied because he claimed the Army wanted Aquino investigated for his satanism, but the Army Chaplaincy document from 1980 includes this as a religion they accept for chaplaincy, AND REFERENCES THE 1978 HANDBOOK. I bought a copy of the former from a company dealing in discontinued military handbooks. the 1978 document is now available only through online satanist sites, which causes some to question its legitimacy. but the 1980 handbook refers to it, validating it.

for the background to all this, read

Did "Tea Party Darling" Paul Vallely Help Facilitate Military Satanism?" part 1 of 4 by
Constance Cumbey and
"Did Major General (Ret.) Paul E. Vallely Help Facilitate Military Satanism?" part 2 of 4 by
Constance Cumbey (she has been too busy to get the other two parts done. And when she
started looking into this, reviewing some old material from the 1980s due to an invitation to
join a patriotic group that was led by Vallely, and phoning people and writing, she suddenly
had an almost disastrous incident with her car as if someone had messed with the brakes and
acceleration system and almost plowed into a tree or something I forget but it wouldn't stop and
I think it sped up. There was also an upsurge of leg pain which comes along anyway. Then
she gets into Republican Party activity, don't know who for. Coincidental? or diversionary?
while the information is old to her, it is totally new ground she is breaking for modern readers
of her blog. And precisely the sort of forgotten subject some people would not want dragged up
again. Various forms of civilized seeming satanism with its power and glory orientation are
very comfortable with Republican party and conservative and military focus type Americanism,
with it power and glory and wealth orientation. the satanists and perverts and whatnot in the
Republican party are covert, mostly. the neopagans and suchlike weirdness and immoral and perverted in the Democrat scene are usually not covert. And the present tendency to treat
"sexual harassment" as a "feminist" issue of "respect for women" instead of the old fashioned
"morals and character" issue, is not helpful. )

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