Friday, January 1, 2016

Adam Weishaupt was neither Jewish nor Jesuit.

"the shadowy group known as the Illuminati was founded by a Jewish organizer named Adam Weishaupt, whose father was a Rabbi in Bavaria."

This is false. his father was "Johann Georg Weishaupt (24 April 1716 – 20 September 1753) was a professor of law at the University of Ingolstadt.

"Johann Georg Weishaupt, born in Brilon in the Prussian government district of Arnsberg in Westphalia.[1] He studied law in the University of Würzburg under Johann Adam von Ickstatt (1702–1776).... became a professor of law at the University of Ingolstadt in 1746. Weishaupt also moved from Würzburg to the University of Ingolstadt.[3] Ickstatt had him appointed professor of imperial institutions and criminal law by decree of 14 October 1746.[1] ...
Weishaupt died suddenly while on holiday on 20 September 1753 in Heiligenthal near Würzburg. ... Johann Adam von Ickstatt, also a professor of law at the University of Ingolstadt and Adam's godfather, took over Adam Weishaupt's upbringing.[1]" no indication he was Jewish but "he was a major proponent of the Enlightenment in Bavaria. He died in Waldsassen. He was a godfather to Adam Weishaupt." probably a bad influence of the gentile sort.

Weishaupt was NOT A JESUIT EITHER. The event that set him in motion, was that the chair he had his eye on was designated to always be had by a Jesuit, which he was not. Thwarted pride and ambition. This I got from one of the early books from the 1800s exposing the Illuminati.

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