Friday, October 11, 2013

Predestination and The Sovereignty of God

The usual argument by Calvinists and other predestinarians,
is that if you deny this doctrine, you are denying the
Sovereignty of God, and I am sure such can work out a
convoluted chain of logic whereby questioning this one
doctrine you are effectively denying the rest of Christian

But they forget something.

God in His ABSOLUTE SOVEREIGNTY is perfectly
capable of having SOVEREIGNLY decided that an
element of free will would exist. Exactly how much is
another matter.  He could even decree in His absolute
sovereignty that it would be entirely a matter of free
will (though the tendency to use that will correctly has
been compromised by the inherited warp brought into
our souls and germ plasm by The Fall).

The Sovereignty of God is not the issue. The issue is
exactly what, in His Sovereignty, He has in fact decided
to do about the matter.

So Calvinism on this point (and others) is off track.

Now, Pelagius, who St. Augustine fought, held that it was
possible for humans to use their will correctly and live
sinless without help from God. This is biblically false, and
makes like we don't need (or some few special perhaps)
don't need The Atonement/Redemption by Christ. But
most heresies have an equal and opposite mirror extreme
co-falsehood. And absolute predestination from the
beginning of time for each and every individual is apparently
such an error.

This is something of a Mystery, and the unwillingness to
admit that there is anything the finite human mind can't
comprehend is a characteristic flaw of Calvinists and
extreme scholastics.

And that is a sort of heresy in itself, or at least an error
that lays the groundwork for most heresies, if not all,
a heresy precursor state so to speak.


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