Sunday, October 20, 2013

Alien Invasion? Breakaway Civilization takeover?

well, folks, if this is true, and if this is not just some for once noticed mining results acquisition visit, HERE IT COMES.

Remember Jesus said there would be wars and rumors of wars, nation would rise against nation (ethnic groups, tribal defined political elements) and kingdom against kingdom (more normal to our modern sense types of govts.) but the end is not yet?

get ready to deal with invaders of an unusual sort, study how Christians under pagan or whatever rule conducted themselves and how they converted some of them. Early church history and writings of the times (Eusebius Ecclesiastical History and Sozomon for starters) might help.

Remember that Christ said that when He comes back, His angels will gather His believers from one end of earth to the other, and from the ends of the heavens?

I don't care what these people look like, remember, if solid physical then they can become children of God also like us. (There might be a few believers among them, probably compromised as most of our believers are with the ways of their worlds just like much of us are with the ways of our world. Trust no one, incl. each other, lean on Jesus Christ for wisdom at EVERY step, take nothing for granted.)

Of course this video might be fear porn garbage. But it might not be. 

Beware of false Christs, beware of false teachings, beware of false information, beware of false analyses political, social, economic, or whatever, reexamine everything you are used to, "test {examine for truthfulness] all things, hold fast to what is good".

And pray for their souls and for no atrocities on either side of any fight that breaks out.

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