Thursday, October 24, 2013

Christ was not a Communist.....but He wasn't a Libertarian Capitalist either

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"Yet Jesus focused primarily on the soul over the senses of men. Such verses support socialism only if you divorce Scripture from its actual meaning. If reading Jesus’ teachings through purely naturalistic or materialist lenses, it’s plausible to support welfare, but even then you must be a “cafeteria” Christian ignoring many more sections that argue fervently against government expansion."

er, you cannot divorce the spiritual from the physical. Doing so is gnosticism,
and at the root of the docetist heresy (that Jesus only seemed to have a 
physical body but didn't really). 

you cannot reform the physical, absent fear, without reforming the spiritual.

and you cannot divorce the two. If you do, you have what is called hypocrisy.
That drew some of the sharpest remarks from Jesus (against the Pharisees).

Now, communism is hardly biblical. But neither are the capitalist values of
greed, glory, ambition, and so forth.

It is not possible to put The Bible squarely in any camp outside of moral 
issues. Communism in the mean time is a kind of heresy in that it, like 
fascism and even libertarianism and extremist monarchism all propose to
create heaven on earth by human means.

There are precedents for a certain amount of govt. intervention and
controls and the charity of the OT was MANDATORY, the third year 
tithe went to the poor, the edges of croplands were not to be harvested
but left for the poor, ditto going over one's fruit trees more than once,
and the tither on the third year was required to make an accounting to
the elders and public to be sure he had in fact done this. 

Punishment to enforce? risk of loss of God's protection and famine, 
disease and foreign invasion as a result.

NT the same more generalized COMMAND, not voluntary, but should come
from compassion that we get from God (IF we are IN FACT spending time
with Him) and not just fear. But if one must fear in order to act right? 
"fear not men who can only kill the body but do nothing more, but rather
fear Him who can destroy body and soul in hell." The soul is immortal, 
but here destruction would relate to the pragmatic lack of freedom, 
the presence of torment. (Kalomiros' nonsense is totally at odd with 
the clear words of Scripture, and even if punishment and blessedness
are not geographically distinct, but only different experiences of God's
presence, you are back to square one, do you face pain or pleasure?
your actions are the result of your spiritual condition, and if the latter
means you find God's presence a torment, then all the piety in the 
world with a personal out of church services life that is at odds with
this means your spirit is still incompatible with God! Exactly this 
condition is warned of by St. Theophan the Recluse and other Holy

Now, another question is, just what DOES help the poor? Sure, there
is an issue of proper use of funds by govt. but the same is true of
private charitable organizations. Discernment is necessary. But if
everyone on food stamps or SSI suddenly had to depend on churches
and Salvation Army, you can count on it those systems would go 

Meanwhile, the real estate agent industry helps drive up property
prices, with their cut of every deal, which in turn is what taxes are
based on, which in turn is what real estate values are heavily 
dependent on, aside from "the market." (and markets can be rigged,
and often are. And the real problem when you look closely, is not 
so much big govt., as big business that OWNS the govt. and runs it.)

This in turn drives up rental prices incl. to stores, which drives up
prices of goods and increases demand for higher wages. As someone
once put it, real estate is a hidden driver in inflation (of prices).

Another problem is the repeal of the parts of Glass-Steagall which 
prevented the derivatives market we have now, which is precisely
the part of the market that caused the disasters in the past 20


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