Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Serious Doubts About Fatima Vision as Divine

While I used to be open minded about Fatima, even while I was
still evangelical Protestant before I became Eastern Orthodox,
and dismissed the UFO theory about it as people fitting this
into their UFO obsession, I have read a book that persuades
me otherwise. Celestial Secrets goes into details incl. old
records of the inquiry locked away for 60 years, and other things,
that make me figure this was a UFO and/or demonic hoax.

The video only scrapes the surface. Meanwhile, whatever is in
the third secret or any other part of it, is nothing that couldn't
be cobbled together from existing Marian visions (all of which
I have doubts about, only at Lourdes was any effort made by
the visionary to test the entity appearing, which is essential,
something the Zambrano charismatic vision didn't involve doing
either, and which incl. very unscriptural elements, such as
ascribing to Jesus inability to do anything about the damned
dead even when they cry out to him, contrary to the Revelation
statement that Jesus Christ has the keys of death and of hades,
and the implications of St. Paul speaking of Christ descending
and then ascending leading captivity captive and St. Peter twice
speaking of Christ preaching to the dead one places uses
kerygma, announcement the other euangelion, the good news
incl. invitation), and also contain nothing that a sharp observer
of the overall world situation couldn't figure on, not to mention
that aliens and demons would know about nibiru incoming if
that is involved.

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