Tuesday, February 21, 2012


The mindblurring babble of the new age similar (or identical)
local political action delphi technique managed and similar
public meetings and papers caused me to turn away and ignore

But just this month I began to realize we have a serious problem.

Agenda 21 (I think it was superseded by the Earth Summit or
whatever it was called) is essentially a UN plan to use the
environment, whether in fact the proposed actions benefit or
harm the environment, and exploit real and fake worries to
railroad everyone in stages into high density housing, above
shops with minimal parking available underground and mass
transit which isn't necessarily taking you where you need to
be like cars do.

Private property while it would exist would be under extreme
controls, limiting your life choices and even ability to pick
food or grow your own, and in several California counties has
even made it illegal to use the water the rights to which came
with your land purchase, that runs across your land or is in
a well on your land, without paying fees, joining some program
the alternative being fines and jail time.

The procedures for this include "smart development" and
"sustainable development" and all sorts of buzz words, and
most especially non governmental organizations, without
any kind of accountability, outside the normal chain of govt.
to do all these things that radically impact land use, without
election and with everything mostly a done deal before the
fraud of pretended public opinion solicitation is even started.

This is on the face of it oppression, by manipulation and

And this is not just an American phenomenon either.

IT IS ALSO SEDITION, as it would essentially overthrow the
government by replacing it.

to some extent the old boy networks and corrupt games and
conspiracies and off the books activities do this anyway. But
these can be addressed by the existing government.

what Agenda 21 and its ilk would do, is make such the official
actual government, outside the chain of command and 
accountability of government and therefore of the people, and 
increasingly take its place.

this is exactly what is going on locally, and there is no reason
to assume this trend won't target everything else. overthrow of
the United States Government or of state governments and 
county governments, by simply replacing them in all or almost
all functions.

Imagine a world in which what is left of the official government
is by law staffed by people selected by such NGOs using the
delphi psychological warfare manipulation technique, in fake
nomination situations to get the predecided persons into office.

This is exactly what goes on with any supposedly public hearing
and seeking of public opinion on projects.

Inherent to all this is the phenomenon of the city master plan
or whatever it is called, long range planning that locks in things
for years, maybe decades, instead of flexibly adapting to
changing circumstances, or effectively resisting unwholesome
developments that instead are built into the long range plan,
and therefore almost unassailable.

I wonder if the wierd tendency of some police to treat some
things as "civil, we won't get involved" that involved stuff that
was a matter of law was a reflection of this sort of thinking.

Everyone from the right to the left is getting incensed about
it. Here are links to the subject and what to do about it.

These links also explain the Delphi technique, a kind of
dishonesty and con job that should be disdained by anyone
with integrity, with more in common with manipulative type
drug addicts and toxic parents, than with a democracy, a
republic or scientific focus. any time you have people break
up into groups in a meeting, or a "facilitator" is involved, you
are being delphied.

search youtube.com for agenda 21 and delphi technique

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  1. This reminds me of back in 1974 the State of Oregon formed what is called the Lands Conservation Developement Commission (LCDC). Over all these years they have been successful in making private property a thing of the past. I remember them going in on a farm and closing it down for the smallest violations. They came up with farming policies that made it virtually impossible to continue farming and also logging. Just for example, if a spotted owl is found on your property you can't so anything within a certain distance of that owl. The LCDC was an idea of at the time President Nixon and Oregon Governor Tom McCall.