Thursday, February 9, 2012

comments from someone in a snail mail letter

I got this in the mail, from a retired professor friend of mine.
This is edited for space and other concerns and posted with his
permission, he prefers to remain anonymous.

"A few days ago, I had one of the largest shocks of my life....
I decided to research to determine if other subjects lead to
the same conclusion. They do.

"1. I had always thought observtions of UFOs were about 20 a
year worldwide. I don't recall any mention of humans having
interaction with the occupants of UFOs. A large book,
UFO Conspiracy by Carmen McLaren, published 2011 by
Schiffer Publishing is designed to show the extent the govt.
has suppressed information about the UFO phenomenon.

"For exampke, in 1965 there were several thousand sightings in
the U.S. alone, and when you add the [likely] number of sightings
not reported you can double that (p. 171). That says nothing about
the sightings in other countries.

"There have been many cases in which humans met these other
people, in some cases at least one of the people spoke English,
and sometimes humans were invited inside the UFO to see how
they were designed, and observe all the occupants doing complex

"All reports on the nature of the UFO occupants are the same:
They are 3 to 5 feet tall, have legs and chests half as tall as ours,
have heads 3 times as large as ours, small mouths, no hair anywhere
on their bodies, black eyes, and wear clothes with no buttons or
zippers. The UFOs are more advanced than our most advanced jet
aircraft, with respect to ability to change direction rapidly, and
 speed and capacity to accelerate.

"So why would the U.S. govt. want to prevent us from knowing
about this other civilization? Probably because our politicians
do not want us exploring the possibility of having people from
the other civilization replacing our politicians.

"The extent to which information about this is being suppressed
makes one wonder if there are a lot of other fields in which this
suppression is at work. Here are some examples of this being
the case.

"2. The Kennedy Assassination. Since this happened, there have
been suspicions that a large organization was involved. To indicate
the scale of that organization, of people who had any knowledge
of the conspiracy, 45 died suddenly and mysteriously, many by
being shot. (Chapter 18 in Conspiracy, the Plot to Stop the
Kennedys, by Matthew Smith, Citadel Press, 2005).

"3. Most people have noticed that while many books on "The Big
Picture" were published by scientists between 1960 and 1982, and
many of these sold huge numbers of copies in many languages,
since about 1985, most books about "The Big Picture" were
written by people whose training was in writing, linguistics and
literature, or economics, business, finance, banking or investment.
Could this have been due to some kind of accident, or a large
scale plot to control information flow?

"A very interesting book is 9/11 Synthetic Terror MADE IN USA
by Webster Griffin Tarpley second ed. 2006, published by Progressive

"This book probably more than any other relates 9/11 to a gigantic
international conspiracy, based in the U.S. Page 109 has the following
sentence, "Together with the axiomatic notion of overpopulation has
gone a profound hjostility to science and technology, especially
because of their egalitarian effects." This was the first time I had
ever seen this idea. The significance is that if a hidden assumption
of science is that all people are least potentially equal, this is
dangerous to people in finance, banking, investment and economics
who believe that they are superior to all other humans, and that it
is perfectly okay to loot them.

"4. which supports 3. I had two friends long ago who were
doctoral students in economics at major universities on the
two sides of the U.S. Both of them completed all the requirements
for the doctorate, then both handed in doctoral theses which
mentioned the significance of natural resources, such as crude
oil. Both of them were thrown out of the university without a

"5. By 2009, the U.S. Congress began to suspect that something
was going wrong with the U. S. economy and financial systems.
A gigantic research group was created to discover what this was
all about, including 10 members in The Financial Crisis Inquiry
Commission, with a supporting staff of 83. The report was 545
pages long, not incluiding the index of another component of
the result. It was published as THE FINANCIAL CRISIS INQUIRY
REPORT. Financial Report of the National Commission on the
Causes of Financial and Economic Crisis in the United States.
Published by Public Affairs, New York. It is hard to tell the
difference between what seemed to be going on, and what was
actually going on. I seemed that experts in economics, banking
and finance did not understand the phenomena they supposedly
managed, and were not able to predict them, when in fact what was
going on in those fields was that the only goal of the "experts"
was to get rich quickly themselves, at a cost to everyone else.

"6. By now it may be apparent that different groups of people think
in entirely different ways. The subject has been more explored by
Dr. Edward de Bono who as of 1999 had written more than 40 books,
which had been published in 25 languages. The best to read first
to get a summary of his worldview was Six Thinking Hats. White
and Green Hat thinking is scientific: conclusions are based on a
scientific analysis of data describing causes and processes. Yellow
and Red Hat thinking is based on a sunny, positive and emotional
view (desires, feelings, beliefs and wishes).

"It seems that in the U.S., if you listen to speeches by senior people in
corporations, banks or govt., you don't hear any hint of White and
Green Hat thinking as of 2012.

"Given how many books he has sold, and the number of countries
in which his books have been sold, it is odd that he is NOT AT
ALL referred to in the U.S.A. popular media or books or speeches
by U.S. politicians. Could this mean that they don't want us to
know that a small rich group does not want us to know how they
think? (Or what their actual goals are: to loot us?)

"7. Another book that explains what is really going on in America
is The End of America by Naomi Wolf.

"8. In 1975 there were 7.35 Bachelors degrees awarded in the U.S.
in business, per B.A. awarded in mathematics. In 2008 there were
22.08 B.A.s in business per B.A.s awarded in mathematics. "

The prof. is interested in any comments, and any posted here will be
forwarded to him.

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