Saturday, November 7, 2009

Time to speak out

Today, I read Alex Constantine's Blacklist blog. I do this a lot. And
I like his work. It is sad that he is (judging by his own account in public
of calling an escort service chick to alleviate his boredom on some
hilltop instead of staring at the stars) sexually immoral, favors gay rights,
and generally falls into left wing package deal thinking, and may be an
atheist as well. I have great respect for his work otherwise.

Among those who look into conspiracies, mind control, ritual abuse,
Christian Right being unchristian, tracing Nazi connections to alot
of respectables of today, and other embarassing stuff, Constantine
is the sanest. And he even called me on being too quick to "look for the
Nazi in the woodpile." Something I try not to do, but was too
paranoid for once.

Well, while I was struggling to get a comment posted, seems my AOL
account won't turn my cookies on so I have to go to my Google
Chrome for anything that demands cookies, I started fooling around
the blog's perimeter and ended up starting this blog.

Alex Constantine (I understand that's not his real name but I don't
recall what it is and probably wouldn't post it here if I did), posted that
"Hitler and the Nazis OUTLAWED ABORTION, Contrary to 
"Conservative" Christian Disinformation" which is not quite the 
truth, according to the information he himself posted.

They did not outlaw abortion in itself, accross the board. 

They outlawed it for Aryan women only. A case he mentions 
in the post, explicitly rejected any prosecution for a Jewish 
woman seeking to abort the child she had by a Jewish man, 
because the law only protected Aryan preborns.

I guess it is time for me to get going on my blog, that will link
to useful stuff, like Constantine, but not simply blindly take a 
side either.

Long ago when I was a subteen I think, or barely in my teens,
I was sorting out right from wrong. It was obvious that the 
child is alive from the git go, but what if it is a rape child? 

The thought occurred to me that the child wasn't to blame 
for his father's behavior. And something reminded me of a 
line in The Bible, that I don't remember having read at that 
time, that no one should be put to death for the sins of their 
parents or children, but each should die for his own sin.
I guess The Holy Spirit or an angel was prompting me.

(I recall feeling like something white and humanlike stood 
nearby me, when I was sorting out about sex and whether 
l should side with love as the only legitimate thing, or figure 
promiscuity and sex as an end in itself was okay, and 
if I took the latter choice I could exploit the exploiters, and
it almost said to me, "Even if the whole world is unclean, 
that doesn't mean you have to be.")

At that time I wasn't a dyed in the wool Christian exactly, 
and was about to embark on my "rational atheist" phase
that segued into demon conjuration and witchcraft sturdy,
Thank God it didn't work well, but I got scared one day,
and started turning to Christ, Who I had met in a near 
death situation at 3 and never really forgot, by the time I 
was in my 20s. I was baptized in a swimming poot at 27,
but started sliding back to occultism in the form of Tarot
and pendulum, but finally rejected it all. I was rebaptized
and chrismated into Christ and Orthodoxy Apr. 15, 
AD 2008. 

So by 13,  I had rejected unchastity on the part of EITHER
sex, men who slept around were damaged goods and
no good tramps as much as women who did so, and 
rejected abortion. homosexual acts were a non starter. So 
was the sex role separatism thing. I was a tomboy as far as 
my health allowed, and was attracted to legends of woman

Anyway, that is how my values developed. (I am uncertain
about euthanasia, because if we are better than animals,
and humane euthanasia is kind to animals we should be
even kinder to humans, an analysis I made at 13. Which 
shows that a position that denies equality of animals to 
humans, does not rule out anything that people who oppose
animal rights says it does.  

But I am dead against legalizing assisted suicide, it should 
always be a legally difficult and dicey thing, in order to 
prevent exploitation by overly eager heirs and others 
who find someone's life inconvenient, not to mention 
depression gone suicidal patients need to be protected
against themselves. 

The whole problem began on the battlefield,and should 
have stayed there. Suicide or killing someone to keep
them from a fate worse than death has always struck 
me as legitimate, and one or two early Christians took this 
approach to avoid being raped or sold into prostitution, 
or given by her husband to Nero for sex. No negative 
comment attached to the story. Supposedly some at 
Dunkirk, who were too wounded to evacuate, were quietly
drowned by some to save them from torture if taken alive.
Some things are complicated. But like I said, the
problem began in extreme, usually battlefield situations,
and should have stayed there, instead of ending up in 
state legislatures.)

I signed the petitions against Glenn Beck and Dobbs.
I used to be a John Birchy kind of Reaganite. But I
couldn't accept the moral relativism that his regime and
the whole counter insurgency thing was soaked in. Once
the Iron Curtain fell, I dumped the necessary evil of anti

Meanwhile, I had increasingly found that the real conspiracy
wasn't communist, it was nazi connected capitalist. the
satanic involvement played on both sides of the political
spectrum, and all classes, and hid out in Christian 
contexts as well, especially the politicized ones. Pride 
and greed and lust and power are the lures. Which is why 
the supposedly holy and Orthodox Serbs in the Balkans
are always making trouble. Yeah, I'm Orthodox but I am
against Serbian pretensions and aggressions, which 
have also been criticized by some Orthodox incl. a few
clergy who weren't as blind as most slavic at least 
Orthodox are on the subject.

Obviously, this isn't going to be your usual liberal or 
conservative blog. Stay tuned. 

And start studying what Alex Constantine, Dave Emory,
and Michael Ruppert have to say. 

Ruppert of course has his problems too. Like trying to
end the war on drugs. That it is being hypocritically 
conducted is irrelevant. It could be done better. Ruppert
noticed or maybe it was Emory, that in Nixon's time the
drug thing was twofold. Cure the users and stop the traffick.

In Reagan's time, given the need of the CIA and others for
the drug money, many treatment centers were closed 
by lack of government funding, while the effort to stop the
drug flow was increased. This meant that any that got 
through - and a lot would - would still have plenty of users,
to supply money that would line the pockets of money
laundering banks, incl. Chase Manhattan and others, and
organizations like the CIA and allies. The Taliban were
most likely attacked originally, because they just about
eliminated the opium crop. Once they went down, the
remaining elements of them fell into step with poppy growing
to finance their own troops.

Before someone argues that homosexual acts have been
observed among animals, therefore must be "natural,"
may I point out that some animals have been observed to
kill and eat their own young, or those of others of their own
species, and some ungulates will not suckle any calf but
their own. Does that mean that abortion clinics should run
restaurants on the side and add larger children to that,
or that we should cancel all foster, adoption and so forth

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